Sizemore Bicycle: Tyler’s Suit Commuter Dec 19, 2010


Sizemore Bicycle is a small framebuilder based out of Portland that focuses on one-at-a-time custom frames for unique clients. Some of his customers are well-known figures in the fixed gear and track bike scene. From Jason Maggied to Tyler Johnson, Sizemore has found a nice niche in the community. I really love this photo of Tyler’s Suit Commuter. Solid work guys!

Check out the new Sizemore Bicycle website here.

  • Jake Ricker

    Taylor is no longer based in Seattle.
    He moved to Portland a few months ago.

  • Jordan

    not to mention one of the nicest dudes you’ll meet.

  • Ha, good catch Jake! I didn’t even catch it, still adjusting here!
    Thanks Prolly! I got rid of wordpress too!

  • EzPz

    Bad ass set-up Sizemore!

    So many Seattlites movin to Portland ahah

  • RyanK

    Wait! Something to do with Tyler Johnso…that you like?! Weird!!!

  • You’re crazy. I’ve posted tons of things from Tyler that I’ve been stoked on!

  • RyanK

    haha thats this new thing called sarcasm…your ‘Tyler Chubby’ is very apparent. Just bust’n balls bud.