Seth Rosko for Post Bikes: BMX Frame Dec 1, 2010


It’s great to see two Brooklyn-based businesses coming together like this. Seth Rosko and Post Bikes have teamed up to start making 20″ BMX frames. Weighing in at 4.1 lbs, these are some of the lightest frames on the market.

Check out the side shot below.


Solid bike! Check out Pipo ripping on it over at Cult’s blog (dude in the red shirt). The first run of 10 will be available exclusively at Post Bikes in Brooklyn.

Seth will be making me one shortly and I’m proud to be riding a made in the US BMX!

  • Nice! These look good.

  • Coop

    Prolly getting a BMX bike? Never thought that’d happen.

    Either way, boss looking bike. Count me jealous.

  • hector

    LOL prolly on a bmx bike.

  • Spencer

    Got a price? And will they be available with the bare metal like that?

  • Glad to have so many kind shop owners within a mile of my home. Post is no exception, these guys are always super nice. Bike looks great too.

  • Pass Pass

    Yeah! Sick frame!

  • Spencer

    sweet frame, anyone know when n where i can get one?

  • Thanks for the positive comments. These frames are made in small batches and will be available for public consumption in the coming weeks. Anyone interested can contact me directly or give a call to the guys @ POST. Cheers!

  • jeff

    left side drive? so its fixed?

  • kenny

    what’s the geometry on this frame? it looks interesting.

  • Lucas

    a bike e mo loca conpre já