Quintin Co: The Heights Holiday Party Dec 20, 2010

Quintin Co. had a jam session in one of their factory warehouses converted to a BMX park called the the Heights. Here’s a little background on the edit:

“Last Friday we celebrated the Holidays along with The Heights. Anyone who had the privilege of being there will tell you it was a damn good time. Want to send a special thanks to all the riders who came out, the supporters who showed up, our respective crews, and of course, all of the sponsors for all free goodies. This video is the first of a few that will be dropping. Enjoy!”

Nice. That park looks like it’s a blast to ride.

  • Terry B

    Where was this? The first rider with the gold bike is the homie Jackson Ratima.

  • Raymond

    It’s in Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles, CA. It’s a private park for Quintin Co. I believe that it’s invite only. With all the damn rain out here right now I sure would love a place like that!