Pushing North Dec 1, 2010

If this doesn’t make you want to go on a tour then I don’t know what will. A new film entitled Pushing North covers Marcus Johannes and Dirk Badenhorst’s trip from Key West, Florida to Fairbanks, Alaska. A journey that took the two cyclists over 6000 miles and 89 days to complete. Stunning.

  • Scott

    Touring is by far one of the best things to do if you have the time. Those Axiom panniers are the gold. 89 days gezz they were moving. Least favorite thing are 30+ headwinds, would rather have rain.

  • I love that bike touring is making a comeback! I think we’re going to start seeing a big surge of a younger generation itching for a taste of the indescribable freedom that is bike touring. Not to say bike touring ever died, but the general demographic of those who pursued bike touring for a long while has been those who are older now and spent their youth bike touring. I can’t even count the number of 50 + people I met while touring the coast this summer who either were doing the tour again, or told stories of doing the ride when they were 20 something. Soon enough we’re going to have kids asking for a set of Ortlieb Backrollers instead of a car for their 16th birthday, woo!

  • Yea you can check out marcus’s entire alaska trip blog at http://marcusjohannes.wordpress.com/category/florida-to-alaska-trek-2010/ he’s a hella cool guy and will be having the entire narrative documentary coming out soon… he’s about to embark on another journey, this time to the himilayas and the everest base camp in Nepal, next week!!