Prolly is Not Probably’s Top 10 New Fixed Blogs of 2010 Dec 27, 2010


2010 brought an increase in cycling blogs, most specifically the fixed and track bike blogs. From fixed freestyle to track racing, these blogs provided all of us great content and context.

Check out who made the Prolly is Not Probably Top 10 New Fixed Blogs of 2010 below!


#10 – The 5th Floor: One of the many new blogs in the UK, the 5th Floor crew loves everything fixed. From street track bikes to fixed freestyle, this ever-growing crew has their grip on what’s hip in the UK.


#09 – Mixtmeat: Hailing from the UK and down with the fixed freestyle movement, the Mixtmeat guys brought us all great photos from sessions with our favorite UK rippers.


#08 – Geometrick: I think it’s safe to say that these guys helped grow the fixed freestyle scene in Paris. Various collaborations and photos later, Geometrick has become one of my favorite spots on the ‘net.


#07 – Smashenger: Joey Krillz gives us a gritty, Grimey look into the life of a NYC messenger. Joey’s personality really shines through in each of his posts.


#06 – Ride the Black Line: Keiron is one of the nicest dudes I’ve met in the bike scene. Dude’s stoked on track racing and really believes that it could become the next big spectator sport. I really enjoy his coverage of local and international track events.


#05 – Ratskl: If one thing was for certain it was that Malaysia’s fixed scene exploded in 2010. The Ratskl crew were one of the first groups I started following out of Malaysia and everyone seems to love their photos and edits.


#04 – Cycle Angelo: Positivity and enthusiasm are two things I love to see in new cyclists. Cycle Angelo kinda came out of nowhere in NYC this year. I started to randomly see him at events and before too long, his blog started to generate some real content. I can’t wait to see what he does in 2011. Maybe he’ll get a road bike?


#03 – Landlords: These guys need no introduction. If you don’t know about Landlords and Dreddy Merckx, get familiar!


#02 – Cycle EXIF: Who doesn’t love beautiful bicycles photographed beautifully? I sure do. With Bike EXIF under their belt, the crew decided to dedicate a new blog solely to pedal-powered machines.


#01 – Slumworm: One word: Duh. Original content, great product reviews and they landed a deal with Specialized. Slumworm and the Wheel Talk crew killed it in 2010 and who knows what awaits them in 2011!

There ya have it, my Top 10 New Fixed Blogs of 2010. Since I wanted it to be a surprise, I had to do my best with the blog’s logos. If your site was featured here and you want a different logo used, send it over! Just make sure it’s 500px wide!

  • Jay

    I couldn’t agree more!

  • Baam. Totally digging the top 10 of 2010 posts.

  • Hi everyone,
    1st I’d like to congratulate our friends at Geometrick.
    They have been doing great job doing collaboration, being present in mass on European contest and shredding them. Also they were able to retail some of the finest and most exotic products here in France!
    However, I’d just rectify that even if we weren’t very present on our own blog and being able to give entertaining content we put all our effort in organizing not less than 4 major Contests in Europe and providing our reader with exclusive content made by us and ZERO re-post.
    Thanks to every one for encouraging us and following us.
    Congrats once again to all top ten BLOGS that we follow or will follow ;-)!

  • I think Wolfdrawn should have atleast been in the top 10… Good list though, slum took it hands down

  • I feel bad about not including WD since Matt was pissed about “No Bikes” not making the Top 10 videos but he only had like 40 posts, if that.

    That being said, WD is one of my favorite blogs, it just didn’t make the cut. A lot of other good ones didn’t for the same reason.

    He did just start in July afterall….

  • good points, i hope we start seeing more posts on his front… were working together at them moment to do a TK x WD design


  • I KNEW IT!!!!!


  • Thanks Prolly! Can’t wait what 2011 is gonna bring us.