Prohab Helmet Society 2011 Calender Dec 17, 2010


Here’s a reminder to pick up a Prohab Helmet Society 2011 Calender:

“The 2011 Ladies Bike Calendar is here, for only $18.00! It is a collaboration of local artists and photographers, featuring active cyclist women in Vancouver, riding and posing with their bikes. We received an amazing worldwide response and support for the 2010 edition, and are very excited about our new calendar for the upcoming year. And yes, we ship them all over the world!”

I love this project but someone hook them up with a real helmet sponsor. Skate helmets aren’t rated for vehicular crashes!

  • Hey John, all of the helmets Prohab offers are CPSC certified. Don’t be led astray by the shape, some skate style helmets have multi-impact foam for road use.