Product Review: Cadence Sprinter Fleece Dec 20, 2010


You can never have too many jackets. Since spending the winter in Austin, I’ve taken a liking to simple hoodies. All I need is one or two pockets and a front-zip. The Cadence Sprinter Fleece is all that and more. With multiple pockets, reflective accents and a wind-breaking front panel, this jacket has become a staple.

Check out some more photos below.


When it’s windy, the high neck keeps you warm.


… and if you choose to use the hood, elastic closures will ensure the correct fit.


Pockets are essential to any riding gear. I don’t want to always carry a bag and the more interior pockets the better. There are two compartments on each side of the jacket’s interior with routing for headphones.


Jersey pockets are hit or miss. They either look incredibly dorky or they’re not big enough for real, everyday items. The Sprinter Fleece has three nicely-sized pockets.


Perfect for a tube, Co2, tools or a camera.


Rather than using a zipper or a button, both of which can be a hazard to open while riding, Cadence chose to use magnets. It’s a simple yet functional choice. At $74 the Cadence Sprinter Fleece is ideal for your winter wardrobe. Pick one up at the Cadence online store or your local shop.

After the holidays I’ll be giving out a large in the gray and purple colorway! Many thanks to Cadence for sending this out and Lauren for the photos!

  • what? no helmets in austin?

  • this was out front of my house.

  • Lee

    I got the CADNC DVS edition after seeing it here.
    I love it!
    There’s only two edits I would make.
    1) a chest pocket
    2) a flap to cover the zipper when fully zipped so I don’t keep catching my beard.

  • Dima

    Nice shades…

  • M

    @ Dan, It’s hard to see…but think John is sporting some bar end caps…. so alls good. Safety First.

  • ross

    Is this warm though? Terry cloth? seems to lightweight…

  • santiago

    yo dude nice pics / outfit the first photo looks like someone brought you back in time from the 90’s

  • andy

    Nice. Do they make them for men?

    Merry Xmas!

  • Chad

    i wondered the same thing if it was warm or not…im in the midwest and it gets pretty chilly here during the winter months…

  • Andy, your mom wears one so yes!


    It’s about as warm as a thick hoodie.

  • andrew voegeli


  • noel

    Hey, what shades are those? I’m assuming they’re Oakleys. looking for a new pair and those look pretty slick.

  • elmcitizen

    How is the fit? True to size or a more slim fit? trying to decide between a L and an XL…

  • that’s an XL and it’s slim.

  • I like! But I am a woman who normally wears small (in womens sizing), so I can’t have this. BOOHOO!