Outlier & Feit: Building the Perfect Urban Bike Shoe Dec 20, 2010


If there’s been one article of clothing to be tackled more in 2010 it’s the urban cycling sneaker. From SPD-compatible options, to retrofitted skateboarding shoes, the cycling industry wants your feet to be comfortable and stylish. This desire is what drove the team at Outlier to approach Feit on designing and developing the perfect urban bike shoe.

As a featured article on Sneaker Freaker, the team discusses the development of the Outlier-Feit project. Check out the informative article here and check out a full shot of the sneaker below.


Nicely done!

  • Ross

    I like it, but that white strip always gets so dirty on my Vans.

  • i personally wouldnt be someone to buy a shoe like this solely because i don’t commute on a non-clip pedal setup but these are by far, the best looking cycling shoes i have seen this year. not showy, just functional. i like these alot.

  • tom

    $280? fucked.

  • Really stoked on this. Looking WAY cleaner than any of the recently released SPD sneakers.