Oh Japan Dec 9, 2010

Photo by Yuichiro Yamakuwa

When growing trends collide with past trends. If you haven’t picked up on this, the vintage BMX community is growing and growing in Tokyo. JYA is booming with more and more vintage builds and what was once huge in Japan a decade ago is slowly making a come back. So what happens when you pair a growing trend and a past trend? The above photo. Check out a full bike check at Yuichiro Yamakuwa’s Flickr.

  • damn.. thatss really ugly, the mongoose moosegoose is the shit! but its kind of a bummer to see one built like that.

  • clam

    North Park bike shop in Victoria BC
    has at least two bikes that look like this hanging on the walls
    built in the 80’s for some type of parking lot keirin racing fad
    that came outta california and blew itself out after a season or two.
    Ringing any bells anyone?

  • there was a fad back in the late 80’s of a pursuit style flatland racing bmx. here is a 1988 haro dart.


    shits crazy!! id love to own one.


  • this is so mini-velo… i can see this thing totally fitting in over there… if you dont know about mini velos google it… they are everyday normal bikes in asia…

  • nigel

    this kind of bike is popular in the northern part of philippines, it is used for racing, and it can run up to 60kph.