NYC Velo: Sachs Team Cross Bike Dec 22, 2010


This bike is considered a Holy Grail by many cyclists. Richard Sachs (pronounced “Socks” by the pretentious) has made beautiful cross bikes for decades solely for his team. How did NYC Velo get their gore-tex hands on one? No one knows. Wanna see more photos? You’ll have to head over to the NYC Velo blog!

  • Wade

    WANT!!!!!!! Dreamy …..

  • Seriously?

    How? They probably bought it from Sachs. He is always selling these things on internet forums when the season is over.

  • NOOOOOO! You don’t say!?

  • Richard is a business man, his team needs to recoup their investments. If anyone’s interested in team-used examples of his bikes, it doesn’t hurt to drop him a line and ask. If you buy one, you’ll be supporting (if indirectly) the East Coast CX scene. We know Richard, we admire Richard, we love Richard’s bikes. Stay tuned for the new-gen Sachs shop blog post.

    Andrew, NYC Velo

  • hola and shalom –

    i purge the stable every couple of years or so or when the sizes gathering moss are out of sync with the riders on the team. this month i jettisoned three 56cm units because so many were around with no one here using that size (for a while) and two 50cm frames because, well – we’re all too tall for them now atmo. i think andrew’s was from the dan t container. he and i shared sizes and that was unusual for this group.

  • Thanks for the comment Richard! I’m honored.

  • gob

    I sort of covet one of those. Someday. Think I’d need a 56 TT, too.

  • Doug

    Watched an RGM guy stack one into a hay bale at the carnage corner in Bend. The front was caved in, tt & dt buckled. He jumped back on, and sprinted away to the pit.

  • here is that stacked frame in question atmo –[email protected]/5275625094/

    josh went from 14th to 17th. still a great result at bend.