Nike Sportswear: Michael Chacon – More Than a Game Changer Dec 6, 2010


Nike has been trying to get into the Fixed Gear world for some time now. They started off with the WNW space and the CTRS two years ago and now they’ve incorporated a few riders in the Destroyers team. We saw their profile on the NYC Destroyers and now here’s the one and only Michael Chacon reppin LA for Nike Sportswear. Check out a little Q&A page here.

  • Spencer

    I’m really not digging Nike trying to shove their nose into fixie/ trick track. Yeah they make comfy shoes, but I f’ing hate major corporate companies trying to get their brand on every little thing that they could make money off of.

  • Devil

    Micheal Chacon annoys the hell out of me, in my eyes hes got no style. And he is so full of himself. I hate seeing people like that ride bikes, only in it for the money.

  • TOM

    The Justin Bieber of fixed gears.


    Fuck it, let him do his thing, props to Mike for getting some support from Nike. And the kid shreds, I’ve heard he’s a super nice dude too. Mike if you read this props dude, if you ever make it up to Oregon come shred.

  • dpow

    Love reading that he gave up baseball to ride his bike. Simple thing, says a lot. I dig it.

  • drew leshko

    Bieber of fixed gears ROFL

  • Rick

    the Ryan Sheckler of Fixed Gears.

  • lol thanks bro and not into riding for money at all. Doing tricks is what I love to do for fun when I make money it dose not make me ride different or act a different way. And full of myself never, you have never ever met me and don’t know what kind of person I am if you did you would understand. HMU on Facebook Jake I do want to come to Oregon soon and shred

  • Matt Lingo

    “And he is so full of himself.”

    You’ve obviously never met him before.

  • Rui

    I guess not having met the Devil is good thing Michael.

    I go not problem with riders making $ at all. It obvious this MC didnt get into riding FGFS for the $, who the fuck would do that anyway? Its like accusing Danny MacAskill of getting into Trials so he can cash. These guys get into riding and get very good at it because they ejoy what they do. The getting good part comes with the love of riding and time to do it. The $ part comes later, they paid their dues. Any one who accused these guys of selling out is just retarded.

  • Jerry Hill

    I met Michael down in balboa park, He was such a nice dude. He was humble and cool, not “full of himself.”

  • SHEA

    Micheal Chacon has pink eye.