Keystone Design Union & Brooklyn Machine Works: New Branding Dec 28, 2010


You just can’t mess with Brooklyn. It’s one of the most creative neighborhoods in the States and no matter what, great things always come from it. Take this recent collaboration with KDU and BMW, two powerhouses in the 718. Joe from BMW has been telling me for months that they need a new website and from the looks of things, they picked the Keystone Design Union to do just that.

Check out some more of the new BMW branding below.



Solid! Check some more out at I Am A Go, who was a contributing artist on this series.

  • Rickey Butler

    I think it makes for nice artwork but I can’t see that functioning as a branding element. It’s too chaotic.

  • I think it’s perfectly find. Branding doesn’t have to be “clean and simple”. Especially if you know what BMW is all about!