Jakob Santos: Pee Pee Cha Cha Dec 19, 2010

Jakob Santos is now riding for LDG (at least that’s what I am gathering here) and he’s putting their new Kaos frame to work. Killer cuts in this one!

  • Tristan

    hes going big for sure, but theres just no ‘flow’ to this edit. he’d find every trick in there easier with a freewheel.
    just to make it clear –
    no disrespect to jakob here, he’s crazy good on a bike.

    i just think more emphasis should be put on tricks that are specific to a fixed drivetrain…..

    my 2 cents.

  • jakob dOes da [email protected] PEE!!!! woo wOoo


    if i put on a freewheel it wouldnt be a fixed gear so whats the point?