I Got a New Toy: Canon 7D Dec 17, 2010


Yesterday, an early Christmas present to myself arrived: the Canon 7D. I felt like I had grown out of the Canon t1i and wanted to upgrade. Right off the bat I noticed a huge improvement and to serve as an example, I present these two photos. Both using the same white balance, the same light, and the same area of the house. On the left is the t1i’s photo of the MX-Leader and the right is the same bike just looking the other way. It’s like night and day! Larger chip, higher ISO and other features were worth the pricepoint of the 7D.


After borrowing a 5D from a friend last weekend, I knew I had to upgrade and the 7D fits my needs quite well. That being said the t1i and the t2i are great SLRs and I would highly recommend either to people wanting to get into photography. Just buy the body and a 1.8 50mm lens! That’s what I did and it was perfect!

  • alex

    i vote getting a f1.8 28mm or 35mm so that it functions as closer to 50mm with the crop factor. and the 5D doesnt have much going for it besides a full frame sensor, 7D was definitely the way to go. can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  • faz adhili

    good choice!

  • atanz

    nice one John. you better be using the video feature on that bad boy! how’s the high ISO? one thing I love about my d700 is the ability to shoot at like 10,000iso and still have usable photos.

  • Alex, that’s what I got.

  • alex

    prolz i know, thats why im amped to see what you start doing with the 7d!

  • hot hot hot! Big baller man!

  • Armand

    Shazam! Picked mine up three weeks ago, haven’t been able to put it down. Definiely far surpasses my t1I in many areas including bells and whistles. I was messin around with my old one last night and I definitely noticed a differencein the white balances. It’s only under certain lighting, so I thoght it was just user error but I’m glad. Good to hear somebody else expeciences the same. Cheers!

  • Ed


    Difference in WB isn’t just the camera. In the photo on the left, you got sunlight in the background from that window. If you pick it up while focusing its gonna affect the WB. Thats why the foreground of thats frame looks incandescent and the background looks like daylight.

  • Bas

    Love the new camera, but being an architecture student, I just have to say: Love your blog, but hate your front door.
    Greetings from the Netherlands!

  • Ed. Aperture was 2.8 and focused on the bike (in focus), not the window.

    Bas, we hate the door too. First thing to go in the house!

  • what ed is saying is true. focus and aperture are separate from light metering(unless in spot metering) and white balance.

    there is a window in one shot and not the other. WB wont be the same.
    take those shots again, but both w/ the 7D. you should see the same effect.

  • Cam

    The window is skewing the results as Doug and Ed have said. Focus and light metering are different functions in the camera. Your camera could be set to center point focusing but the metering could be multi-zone, many options are available.