Geekhouse Bikes: How Big Is Your Badge? Dec 15, 2010


Geekhouse wants to remind you just how big their stainless badges are. Stainless braze-on badges make any bike look classy. Especially when it’s in the Geekhouse typeface. That’s nine inches of fun! Wait…

  • I love geekhouse frames, and I would love to have one someday.
    But I really dislike when companies add clear coat logos, cutouts, badges, and other funky non functional stuff to their frames. (Trickstar gusset)
    I’m sure GH would leave these off if you asked but I think bikes look so much better and more sleek and sexy w/o any branding, badging, or funky cuts.

    I know that you need to promote your product but I think that when It comes down to it, Its going to be about the quality and looks more than, a sticker or funky badge.

    This badge is a thumbdown for me.

  • andy

    i wonder if anyone else got that at the end of your post.

  • Bohemian Cycles of Arizona pioneered the brazed on jewelry like metal badge. Just an FYI =)

  • wow so opposit with my company style ..
    we even don’t decal
    maybe it’s time to make decal