Geekhouse Bikes: Charlie’s Rockcity Dec 1, 2010


Now that’s a bicycle photo. Once again, the Geekhouse crew paid the lovely Heather McGrath thousands of doll hairs to photograph a recent build of theirs. This one is for Charlie, aka Chachi‘s Rockcity.

If you think this is a nice shot, check out some more below.





Drool! Circle A did a bang-up job on that fade! Incredible build guys! Check out more photos here.

  • wilis

    Looks like a Mishka build!

  • tjs

    What’s up with the seatpost/seat tube? Is there a seatpost slammed in that tube or what?

  • Luke

    I’m usually not a fan of any sort of hot pink in a build, but this is very tasteful. Incredible bike!


  • tjs: its an integrated seat mast.

  • Scott

    Love the rear wheel spoke pattern! Looks like a star.

  • Dustin

    heather also has a bunch of rad shots from Minibikewinter7, last february in Portland, check em out!