Full Futura Colnago Kit on eBay Dec 27, 2010


The ultimate street art hypebeast kit is up on eBay right now with a hefty starting bid. Now while I might not appreciate the execution of this collaboration, I highly admire Futura and his work. Dude’s just as much a cyclist as any of us and he was on track bikes before most of us were born. That being said, the entire group together would be too much but I’d ride the hell out of that frame!

  • Gionda

    Does anyone has the complete set at all? I have seen it in the Keirin shop in Berlin back in 2007 0r 2008 when they had it on display!
    I think is is a good price, the frame alone went for 12.000$ before…

  • wilis

    What, no fork with that kit?!

  • Thanks John but it is not my size… ;-)

  • Hmmm, happens to be my size, and I have a colnago fork already…

  • Henry

    Complete set, where, who, say what! Want want want… Shame also not my size, I would spend 10k on this frame. Damn, am I stupid or wot?