Farewell NYC – For Now Dec 2, 2010


This is my neighborhood for a few years now: Greenpoint, Brooklyn as captured in black and white 35mm film. Also called “Little Poland” due to its high Polish population. It’s the northernmost point in Brooklyn, bordering queens and the views of Manhattan are stunning. This is the view down Greenpoint avenue looking west (click the image for full-res – the highlights on the buildings from the setting sun are nice).


The neighborhood used to house the Tylenol-sponsored Autumn Bowl. Now, with rent prices soaring, the bowl has shut down. But that’s not keeping the local skaters from shredding the many loading docks.


Meanwhile, elsewhere in the neighborhood, friends are setting up their man sheds. Places to escape to so they may work on their bikes in peace.


With these four photos, I bid NYC farewell. Not forever, just for the Winter. I leave the shitty, rainy weather for the moderate temperatures of Austin, Texas where friends and a special lady await. I’ve lived here for 6 years and have spent many Winters riding into work. The 3″ of ice on the bridge, salt-stained bikes and brutal wind chill will have one less year-round cyclist to harden.

Now don’t go freaking out. One of the things I love about blogging is adapting my content to fit my context. Austin’s rich in cycling, music and culture. I’m sure I’ll have a field day exploring. My flight leaves in an hour or so and I’m sitting here writing this as tears come to my eyes.

See you guys on the other side!

  • Anthony R

    Come to the Social Ride in Austin tonight to familiarize yourself with the Austin Cycling Scene. Gold sprints for BFF10 also.

  • Peace out, Prolly. Enjoy Austin!

    j e a l o u s ! ! ! !

  • alex

    Have fun on your temporary trip to Texas. Take care and look forward to the upcoming blog posts in your new enviorment

    cheers & beers

  • alex

    Have fun on your temporary trip to Texas. Take care and look forward to the upcoming blog posts in your new environment

    cheers & beers

  • Thanks bro, great photos and story.
    You have provided me inspiration for the rest of this week!

    Best of luck,
    – Matt

  • D…

    I feel like between your blog and BSNYC I’ve almost lived in NYC myself. I love the blog and am looking forward to learning about a whole different area and bike culture. Good luck with the move!

  • Have fun! Excited to see posts from Austin.

  • aj austin
  • Safe travels brother! I’m sure you’ll dig Texas.

  • eszkis

    nice post, thank you!

  • Take the train

    Prolly, Instead of riding your bike during the winter season. Just take the train! Its nice and warm with funny people on it. You can just relax and watch a moving on your iPad.

  • Keep up the good shit where ever you are.

  • Void

    Another jealous mofo here, lived in ATX for a while just a couple of years back, best way to get over a divorce EVER…

  • danny

    hopefully this means more 20” posts haha

  • Ahab

    Don’t sleep on the dirt scene down there! Have fun.

  • grimey

    welcome to austin!

  • thundabearz

    love this post, man. awesome photos, do it big in austin.

  • oatbag

    Best of luck homie – and prepare to fall in love with sweet tea.

  • looking real good with that ilford! sick

  • safe travels sir… do you!

  • hater69

    baby don’t cry.

  • Void

    oh and hit Noska up for some ink, he’s a hardcore cyclist and all round awesome guy, with great ink.


  • Josey

    Headed there myself from SF in a couple weeks. For good.
    Sure you’ll have a blast!

  • Moving to & from NYC is a part of life most people have to deal with, and let me tell you, leaving the best city in the world isn’t easy as there’s NO place like it…anywhere! But everything happens for a reason.

    Good luck!

  • I abosultely despise fixed-freestyle (which unfortunately, is what you mostly cover), but I frequent your blog because you seem like real good people, Prolly.

    Enjoy your time in TX, and the awesome (comparatively) weather. I’ve been into leg warmers for a month here in Chicago and I’m pining for the sweet, wet release of spring already. You probably won’t miss NY as much as you would be missing your lady if you stayed. Good luck, ride safe.

    Thanks for helping keep film alive as well.

  • Hope you have a good time during your stay there you lucky fuck! Hopefully I’ll make it down for NAHBS :)

  • Jay

    John- reading this made me think of NYC longingly. Every time I visit, leaving is the hardest part. Everything you do in Austin will be slightly influenced by your time in NYC. Enjoy your new journey. If Austin is your thing …don’t be afraid to embrace it..stay as long as you want…nobody would think less of you. Great post!!
    best of luck- keep up the great work on this site. Thank you

  • tony

    Greetings! I’ve read your blog in Orlando for quite a while and just moved to NYC 6 months ago. This is my first responding to ANY blog and I’ll miss your omnipresence. I bid you fond adieu, wish you luck, and can’t wait for further posts.

    p.s. I am jealous of your winter migration, I’ve never even seen snow.

  • B.HAWK

    You keep writing ’em, we’ll keep reading ’em. Good luck down south but I bet they don’t have a Peter Pan Donuts.

  • Ronsta

    Good luck John! Maybe see ya at Nahbs.

  • Fish an chips

    Your a rad ass dude no matter where you are. Come to LA to get some real sunshine if Austin ain’t enough.

  • D.Hurlbut

    If you ain’t lookin’ for sun, swing up and say hello in Portland! Anyways, how about switching up the blog template colors in celebration of a new home, Texas?

  • Great post. No matter how much I hate this city at times, I know its going to be really hard if I ever try to leave. Good luck out there man!

  • Puro TEJAS! Its home and yes Im jealous you are heading down!

    Have fun J-boogie! We have to link up when Im in TX again!

  • Solid post. Thanks for the reliably unique and interesting windows into NYC bike life and more. Lookin’ forward to windows of Austin. Keep shreddin’ wherever you’re at.

  • A Viking to Another:

    Welcome to Austin! I absolutely love it here after relocating from Minnesota last month. Catch you again soon.


  • Travis Owen

    Funny, as soon as I get to NYC, you go to Austin where I cam from.

  • Morpheus

    Just got back into cycling spring of this year after not havin riden a bike in 20 years. Found your blog in the fall and immediatly put it in as a favorite. Will miss your NY flavor. Im sure you will continue to be an inspriation. I can actually see you as a ‘Sin City’ hero.
    Peace and Hair Grease from the Black Hand Side

  • chris

    Later dude! Don’t stay forever!

  • I bid you farewell. Looking forward your chronicles of Austin

    Be safe and ride hard!

  • Noel

    He’s in love, he ain’t going back to NY

  • hors

    I already know next years april fools post..

  • Gene

    Not smart, you’ll be back looking for decent pierogies
    and donut-eating cops. They all come back.
    It gets in your blood, nice gets boring eventually.
    Keep blogging, hi-light of my night (sometimes).

  • Kanon08

    Sad to hear that man. I find when you leave a place you love, try to remember the shitty things at first works the best.

    Btw if you ever make a trip out to the Bay Area, hit me up. I know of some seriously epic rides up here in the Sonoma Coast; literally T.O.C. routes.