Duraath: Tour of Singapore 2010 Dec 17, 2010

Here’s Duraath‘s video from the 2010 Tour of Singapore.

  • yup

    It is very interesting. With the ability to send information freely and instantly we are losing something. People seem to be formed by the sounds and sights that they take in from their environs. With this sharing of information comes a sameness. If we all now listen to the same music and see the same fashions; do we become the same? Do we lose our uniqueness? You could go to L.A., NY, Mineapolis, or Singapore and see the same people riding the same bikes in the same clothes. I see both the positives and negatives about these times. Any thoughts?

  • c double

    The only thing I see that is the same is they are riding fixed gears.

    I bet the sound of that ride was so quiet, well as far as drivetrains go!

    Very nice, yes lame music but that was the sounds of the producer. I’m sure they all have different tastes in what they listen to.