Cultur: Gus Molina Dec 13, 2010

Gus has swagger. The swagger of a 150lb kid. Check out his new edit for Cultur. Keep rippin boy! Loving the sprocket stalls to lift-ups.

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  • Yeah! Barspin off the cylinder thing was rad!

  • Luke

    Don’t be hatin’ us 150lb kids. He’s got some smooth 180s to sliders in there though.

  • bailey

    I believe it was an x-up off the cylinder thing! but still rad as fuck

  • aj austin

    lolol the end! i love gus! bike control all day

  • Carmel

    absolutely not hatin’, but he’s more than 150 pounds?! More like 200 or so

  • beacon

    this tricks on fixed gear bikes thing is becoming unbearable to watch. oh wow, put a slow-motion on that part where he lifts his back wheel up for a second. buy a bmx and stop acting like idiots.