City Grounds: 2011 Bianchi Line in Stock Dec 14, 2010


City Grounds just got in the full line of the Bianchi Pista line as well as their Campione road bike. The Campione would be a great first-time road bike! I just gotta say though, what the hell is wrong with those Pistas? I know they stated that the Pista was loosing its track geo but does that mean you put light cannons on it? Yikes! Check out the rest of the Bianchi line at City Grounds right

  • sorry charlie

    glad i got the bianchi bug
    outta my system a coupla years ago.
    bring back “100% chick designed.”

  • paul

    the funny thing is the lights on the pista doesn’t include batteries!

  • w

    paint is ugly – flat black was sick

  • James

    I love Bianchi but come on, thats last years cinelli mash with Bianchi printed over it