Chris King: Tampers Available Dec 9, 2010


I saw these at Mellow Johnny’s back in October and almost bought one. Now they’re available on the Chris King site.

“Portland is well known for bike and coffee culture. We now offer the very best components to enjoy both. Check out our new professional grade tamper designed in collaboration with the America Barista & Coffee School. 4 colors and 3 sizes.”

Now I just need to buy an espresso machine!

  • gob

    $75? Chris King is just fucking with us with these.


    Shark officially jumped…

  • Jordan

    My friend Ben who works at Water Ave. coffee here in PDX helped CK design these. Had the chance to put my hands around one of these the other day and can say that they are in fact a really quality tamper. As someone who has been making coffee as a profession for near eight years spending $75 on a good tamper that will not fuck your wrist up in the long run is a small price to pay.

  • Iain

    Where’s the Phil Wood tampers??