Chris Akrigg: Unfixed Dec 7, 2010

Um. WTF? Chris Akrigg is a superb cyclist. Just about any bike he touches can be a trick machine, even his new brakeless freewheel. Impressive!

  • I love how dude shreds with his derby cap on. So Brit.

  • Christopher

    I don’t understand this. Why not get a trials bike and do more interesting tricks? Clearly he has the balance. Or better yet, why not go bigger with a bmx bike? Its apparent that balls aren’t an issue. I will say that those lines toward the end are super smooth.

    My point is that there are bikes designed to do the things that he is doing. If I’m wrong enlighten me!

  • You’re not really getting the point…

  • Brian

    I guess that was cool?……. I mean I wasnt blown away, anybody with balls can put a freewheel on there Trixie bike and just go for it. Hes got some handling skills tho ill say that, dude shreds. Imagine how much faster and bigger that all could have been on the proper bike. Dudes got style tho. Its ashame I look at a lot of this “Progressive” side of the whole Fixed freestyle thing, and one part is like, Damn some of these dudes can go hard. Then the other side just sees wasted talent, this dude could probably shred a DH course on a proper bike, or better yet kill it on a bmx. All that dope riding footage and Ill tell you what, it just lacked excitement. But still its riding bikes so I am all for it.

  • joey p

    actually he does shred it on a dh bike. he is a pro mtn bike rider and also a UK national champion in trials

  • Alex

    Christopher and Brian, your ability to take this so seriously is more impressive than Akrigg’s ability to ride any bike better than almost anyone in almost any situation.

  • Yeah, Akrigg won a Red Bull hill climb on an XC bike with slicks on. I think he races downhill MTB too. Dude is not fucking around.

  • Brett

    To the people who are missing the point of this post. Chris has tons of edits out there on all different kinds of bikes. Point is anything he gets on he’s a master. He is just a dude who loves riding bikes and doesn’t let what ever he rides limit him. Lighten up, have some fun

  • Cotter_Pin

    Totally. Missed. The point.

    Go search for the video of Chris on a track bike. Actually, the first time he rode a track bike.

    The guy has talent in spades.

  • Vas

    Christopher, Brian… I think its time for yall to quit biking. Or at the very least climb out from under that rock you love so much. Or learn to use Google. Maybe all 3.

    Another sick edit from Mr. Akrigg.

  • 8pmhangover

    It’s always nice to be reminded of how limiting a fixed drivetrain can really be.

  • bakerbones

    i was waiting for a new Akrigg banger after MacAskill’s last one

  • Stu

    The singletrack in this edit reminds me of my favorite trails at home!

    anyways. This is pretty impressive, I guess. It’s kind of like trials riding with 700c.

  • It may not be the most exciting edit to watch, but it sure looks like fun. I really want a fixed freestyle-ish frame built for brakes, maybe even discs…