Charge Bikes: Prolly is not Probably Bucket Saddle Dec 16, 2010


I am very particular about my saddles. When I first came across the Charge Bucket, I was stoked! Finally, someone took a nod from the old 80’s Turbo saddles and made it affordable and comfortable (and vegan). After thrashing mine for over a year, I wrote a Well Used review of it. Shortly after, Nick from Charge hit me up and asked if I wanted to do a co-branded Bucket.

How could I say no? This is just a sneak peek right now, from Nick’s cameraphone. Expect more details soon!

  • GREY BEARD SADDLE! Fucking killer John. Keep up the good work.

  • Spencer

    They need to make a pivitol version of this

  • B. Taylor

    This is awesome. Congrats.

  • Chris P

    I can’t wait to sit on your face…wait…what?

  • Brian

    Nice! I have the saddle that came with my Plug and is it just me or does the embroidery make your butt cheeks sore after riding for a while?

  • pretty sick

  • Jack Stewart-Castner


  • I’d buy two.

  • Dan

    This is awesome, a great saddle made even better with a Viking! I’ll buy one to replace my current bucket!

  • TOM

    Gayest shit I seen all day.

  • Fish and chips

    Thank god its not pivotal! A real mans seat.

    I need to get one of these, for the NS, its already has the matching sticker as the headbadge!

    Straight reppin’ vikings hard!

  • mark

    purple is dooooope

  • Tom, then you didn’t get the photo text I sent you!



  • Yawn…Another killer product available for 3% of bicycle riders. Charge needs to manufacturer like a million of these.

  • Lev, these are going into production. I.e. a lot are being made homie! They’ll still be affordable too!

    Damn. People just wanna find something negative to say about EVERYTHING. Cheer up with your 1st world problems!


  • xscott902x

    They’re vegan!!!!! How are they for long hours in the saddle? I’m looking for a good vegan touring saddle.

  • G-Rob

    Sickest seat ever, I’ll rep one for sure! My seats gettin pretty ratty…

  • Hmmm…I foresee a future Prolly contest prize, winner takes gray beard saddle! How about a contest for unknown fabric stitchers?