Black Rainbow Project Dec 15, 2010


Scott from Black Rainbow Project emailed me last week with some teaser photos. He’s good friends with Joe from BMW and that’s all I needed to hear!

“Black Rainbow Project is the result of a lifetime behind handlebars, 13 years in front of a sewing machine, and months of intensive research.
A one man operation, my goal is to make the highest quality, longest lasting, and best performing bags for cyclists with absolutely no compromise. Every single product is designed and hand built by me, one at a time, in the east end of London.”

Check out more photos below!


The full range, to be launched in 2O11, will include messenger bags, backpacks, and hip pouches, and the quality of materials and components will be carried through the whole range. As well as the industry standard 1OOOd nylon fabric, they also feature both highly abrasion and slip resistant fabrics; highly abrasion resistant polyester webbing; top quality nylon webbing; military spec mesh; high strength velcro; high strength metal hardwear; and all buckles come from Austrialpin, makers of the finest quality metal buckles in the world.


The first product to be launched – the extra large messenger bag, which is approx 5Oltrs – features fully padded, adjustable, reversible, and replaceable main straps; 2 stage replaceable back padding; compression straps; triple stitched main seams; triple layer construction and much more.
The cost and quality of the raw materials, and the time involved in hand making each bag means they’re not cheap, but they’re designed to last a lifetime and carry a guarantee to prove it.

  • chuck

    scott is a genius ive sampled his stuff before

  • prettyboy


  • fakenger

    Good luck, I was on the last waiting list for 2 years, nothing ever got made, now these are going to be over £300 for a bag.

  • BRP

    Black Rainbow Project is a new company which will be launching in 2O11, It’s never had a waiting list.
    The prices are dictated by the price of the materials and hardwear the bags are made from, which are some of the highest quality on the market and are used by the military for one, and by the amount of time involved in hand making each bag.
    Thanks for your feedback though Fakenger. Merry Christmas!

  • bryan

    don’t forget shipping to the us which increases total price almost exponentially. shame on the dollar. shaaaaaaaaaame.