Alfian Hashim: Track Racers Dec 14, 2010


Speaking of track racing. Now, I’m pretty keen on methods of post-processing but I cannot tell for the life of me if this piece by Alfian Hashim is a painting or a filter. You take a look at the full-res and tell me what you think. It is labeled painting on Flickr afterall. Nicely done regardless.

  • Your kidding right?

  • It looks to me like a filter. Or more precisely, an image modified in Corel Painter. It is pretty good at emulating the depth of brush strokes and canvas. One thing that tips me off, is the spokes in wheel of the cyclist on the right. I doubt that a painter would put those in deliberately if he couldn’t see them while in motion. Also, the spokes look thin in the middle and thick towards the rim and hub, which leads me to believe that an original raster image was filtered. It’s damn good, though.

  • :-P

  • Doesn’t matter…it’s definitely not a photograph anymore.

  • kleurprent

    This is most-definitely not an actual painting.

  • Not a painting, and it does matter. cool image though.