A Thing of Beauty: Mavic Open Pro SUP Dec 13, 2010


Eyeletted, hard anodized and light, the Mavic Open Pro SUP is one of the classiest (and still obtainable) rims ever made. Comparable to a Wolber or Ambrosio, this simple box section rim looks great when laced up to any hub.

Keeping up with the A Thing of Beauty series…

  • Gob

    Comparable? Straight up better than any Wolber, and most Ambrosio’s.

  • No Way! I have some OG Wolbers (with DA 7402 on my EM Roadie and they’re the SHIT!) – all the pros were on them in the mid 90’s for a reason.

  • Malcolm

    Open SUP still made? (or do you just mean still available out there, old stock…) I thought it was a predecessor of the Open pro.

  • dontcoast

    @ Malcom
    Here’s the deal on Soude Usine Process:

    beats me why they list carbon rims tho, I dont think you can strike an arc on CFRP!

  • dontcoast

    breaks at the eyelets! spokes pull thru! beautiful and overrated!

    previous post didnt make it thru. too wordy?

  • I have never, ever had a Mavic OP break anywhere! I got hit by a cab once and all it did was go out of true. I’d like to see some eyelet cracks!

    Your post is there (if you ever post something and it doesn’t go through, chances are you did the Captcha wrong).


  • I have seen many Mavic rims break at the eyelets over the years, I don’t think they are magical…

  • Apologies Fuzzy. When people say “break at the eyelets” I picture Velocity Chukkers and how they crack within weeks at the eyelets.

    I’ve never had a problem with my Mavic rims and I’m 220 lbs. While I don’t intentionally thrash my shit, I’d say they’re pretty strong!

    What other box-section, eyeletted rims would you recommend?

    (by the way, I miss you Philly dudes)