A Thing of Beauty: Dura Ace Pista Cranks Dec 15, 2010


This morning the USPS dropped off a rather nice package at my door: these Dura Ace track cranks. My KHS currently has 165mm cranks on it and after riding it on my morning ride yesterday, I realized I need 170’s. Knowing that I wanted something other than Campy Record, Dura Ace was the obvious choice and damn, perfect timing because Beaver from LAB hooked it up!

I’ve never ridden DA track cranks but I love the 7402’s on my road bike so maybe I’ll enjoy these? Right off the bat, the machining and finish is stellar and I’m sure they’ll look awesome on the bike!

  • antihero1972

    didnt you just get cranks from Affinity for that KHS?

  • Patrick

    DA 7700 is the sex. Add a Zen Racing ring, and you’re ready for the Olympics!

  • sorry charlie

    check out the octalink set.
    i was born and raised a campa snob
    and might never use another track crank again.

  • Jduds

    you will definitely love these cranks. I run the octalink set and could not believe how light they are. and DEF add a zen ring it runs and looks killer!

  • Antihero, they were 165mm. Too short!

  • Josh

    I’ve got 7600 cranks and they are the shit!!! I’ve used a matching 47t chainring that’s held up for thousands of miles now and still looks brand new.

  • Dada

    I’m currently running DA fc7600 with DA chainring and now I’m hooked for life.

  • got those running on my aluminum rig now, whatcha doin with the 165s? already gone?