A Thing of Beauty: C-Record Delta Brake Calipers Dec 17, 2010

Photo by Wang Wai Kit

This brake caliper needs no introduction. As one of the most peculiar items in the Campagnolo catalog, the C-Record Delta brakes are widely recognized as the pinnacle in form over function. These crit brakes were known to “slow, not stop” and even with the most experienced mechanic dialing them in, will do just that.

This photo came from a complete Roberts Cycles road bike. To see more of this bike, check out Wang’s Flickr.

  • Marty

    Campy usually isn’t on my radar…but do they make a new brake set with the same functionality? I can see that being quite useful when racing and wondering what makes them work as a slow brake.

    And can you dial a shimano set in the same manner?

  • A little history of the Roberts brand: http://www.cycleexif.com/roberts-slx

  • Andrew Paskievich

    i have a minty pair i will sell for a song! anyone interested? includes levers.

  • Andrew

    If you’re are planning on buying a pair of these guys you might want to look for two other items in advance. The first being 3.5 mm allen key as that is what you will need to dial these suckers and you’re not going to find it on your generic key set, check Ebay. Secondly the brake pads are of abnormal “campy specific” size so if you want to retain that aerodynamic exterior you’re going to need exact replacements or something comparable.

    Had a guy bring these into my shop to get tuned and wanted new pads, of course I don’t carry campy c-record brake pads (who does) so we went with koolstops they worked fine but as I said before threw off the sleek exterior as they had to be towed in further than originally designed. Surprisingly enough I learned that day that our shop also didn’t have a 3.5 mm allen key and since the repair was promised same day had to think on my feet. What i did have was an imperial allen key set with a 9/64 key which translates to 3.57mm. It was tight but it did the job.

    Personally the c-recod delta brake is for show and belongs on bikes of it’s era or in a museum. I would never trade my workhorse 105’s for these. If you want to slow and not stop don’t pull so hard on you damn levers.


  • Andrew Paskievich

    they also dont stop! weeeew! but they look great and really thats what cycling is all about.. ya?

  • Yes, I said that “These crit brakes were known to “slow, not stop” and…”

  • Dustin

    most pimped out a-brakes ever. problem afflicts most a-brakes though, which is why linear pull v-brakes came out shortly after.