A Day in 10 Photos: 12.23.2010 Dec 23, 2010


Today I met up with a friend for some good ol’ North Carolina BBQ. After lunch I rolled by the local bike shop here in Wilmington and then down to the beach.

Check out nine more photos below.


There is nothing, I repeat nothing that compares to North Carolina BBQ. Lexington-style pulled pork, Brunswick stew and hush puppies to top it off.


My friend Drew and I went to Casey’s BBQ, an all-you-can-eat for $8 southern buffet. You have no idea…


The visual texture of this place is mind-numbing after you’ve stuffed your face.


After lunch, we rolled over to the local bike shop here in town, Two-Wheeler Dealer where this baby has been hanging in the rafters since before I can remember.


It’s a custom Merckx from the late-80’s, painted in the Molteni orange we’ve all come to love and built with a full Campy 50th group. The owner of the shop went to Belgium and got it custom built for him back in the 80’s. It’s gorgeous!


There’s also a McLean built with Super Record. McLean built bicycles here in Wilmington in the 80’s and 90’s. I’m not sure who painted the bikes but this one is practically NOS.


What shop is complete without vintage jerseys?


From there I went down to the beach where it was a ghost town.


There were maybe a dozen people on the beach, if that. Wrightsville Beach is almost entirely vacant in the winter, with only the locals sticking it out through the winter. I took a ton of other photos, mostly out of boredom so head over to my Flickr to check them out. Holidaze…

  • Ben

    dude, is wilmington NOT the shit???
    good looks on heading to two wheeler dealer instead of bike cycles, twd kicks ass.

    glad you enjoyed my city.

  • Jeff Feldstein

    I was a regular customer for 2 wheeler dealer from 1978-1982, during my time at UNCW. it was the first bike store I really liked and the place I bought my first bicycle (a Bell) helmet. They also outfitted me for my first couple of bicycle tours which both stared in Wilmington.
    I grew up in NYC so before going to school in the South, I thought BBQ was the name of the grill you used to cook meat not the name of a food!

  • Ben, I know! I spent like 18+ years there. I grew up in ILM. It’s fun for a week, then I’m ready to get out!

    Jeff, LOL

  • Ben

    hahah i hear ya, not much to do other then surf and ride downtown. but you did pick a good week in our “winter” to visit.

  • hunter

    twd is the best the owner is the man

  • that woman in the pink has got more rolls than the buffet.