A Day in 10 Photos: 12.10.2010 Dec 11, 2010


The weather the past two days has been unbelievable. Hitting the upper 60’s during the day and upper 50’s at night. I never in a million years would have expected this. Since it was so nice out, AJ came down to ride in Austin for a few hours. Since being here, I’ve spotted a few spots on my daily rides and had an idea of some of the things he could do at them. We got some rad photos for sure!

Check out nine more photos below.


This loading dock made for a great flyout. Here’s AJ, doing a flyout barspin. We saw him tweak out an air above too.


The ledge was perfect for pedal grinds.


… and falls.


These banks off I-35 were fairly steep.


Wall to fakie.


His bike has taken a beating over time.


From riding, we headed over to T-1 for a little party. The curse of the cropped-frame 50mm lens sometimes bears interesting fruit.


Seeing these ramps in person was awesome. Dudes were blasting them.


It made for a great day and I need to get a BMX. Check out more photos at my Flickr!

  • Nice wall to fakie

  • Greg

    Hang out with Tom Dugan or Joe Frans there at T1?

  • aj austin

    they rode by when i was out on my bmx in front of fast folks, they said “YA BMX”, then i got on my fixed and felt a little less cool

  • Following this site for a year now, and its wonderful to know that you’ll finally getting your own BMX, i’ll be doing the same soon too..

    You’re site is always inspiring.

    Jeruz from the Philippines.

  • must be nice to still be wearing shorts…