Your Bike Nov 17, 2010


A blogger friend of mine asked for a photo of me on my bike. When someone says “your bike”, how do you know which to pick? I’m sure everyone’s got a few bicycles so you know where I’m coming from. Anytime someone asks me that, I usually go with this bike. It’s hands-down my favorite in my stable. It’s the most fun to ride and while there aren’t nearly as many miles on it as my road bike, I don’t think I could part with it. It’s irreplaceable! So what’s your favorite bike?

Thanks to Ben from Affinity for taking this for me. View on black here and another here.

  • oh my


  • my bike? my bike is gone. My old panasonic pr500 w/dura ace. Tange 1 steel. Vintage. Beautiful.
    It will always be “my bike” until I’m united with another steel road bike that captures my heart like this one did.

  • Wade

    the Spectrum Ti I can’t afford and haven’t had Tom build me yet. Or the KHS 853 roadie that I beat like hell.

  • My bike is a DMR Sidekick from 2002 with DJ3’s on the front. It was the first bike I purchased entirely on my own and it’s one that I’m never letting go of. It definitely does not get enough love these days but I’m hoping next spring we’ll change all that.

  • Santiago

    My 1992 Cannondale track 3.0 favorite ride stiff light and colorful

  • mike

    Bikes a keeper for sure john.
    I’ve only owned a handfull of bikes, but my far my favroite is my 86′ schwinn madison. They always get a bad rep, but i love how strong the bike feels, yet is still pretty quick. It’s also not too heavy with the right components.

    Are you still running aeros on this bike? If so how do you like them I was considering picking a set up.

  • Sean’s Mom

    I’d fuck…

  • sam

    I love that Merckx! I only have one bike, so my bike is an IRO Mark V. But its plenty enough for me. Its an absolute blast to ride!

  • Show us your stable?

    My favorite, Catagna:

  • I initially want to say my new Freeman Roadie is my favorite bike. Having a bike custom built for you is special and it feels amazing. That said, it’s only been a few weeks so we haven’t fully bonded yet emotionally. In the meantime, I absolutely love my FBM BMX bike.

  • Majaco

    This is MY bike. Ill never let it go! This is the first frame & fork I built with my own two hands.

  • dag

    My KHS Flite 500 – given to me as a gift after high school, recently rebuilt as my power commuter. Loved it from day 1.


  • Nate

    What kind of straps are on there Prolly?

  • My BMX 100% I love my fixed gear to go fast & trackstand the hell out of and the 26′ dirt jumper rolling sets of stairs but grinding on my BMX n knowing I can bunny hop things with ease and bop and weave bad drivers n rock a study 15mph speed on 25/9 is pure sweetness to me! With my HELMET almost 100% of the time!

  • My De Rosa Pista! Check it.

  • wepass

    My Felt tk3. Staight off the shelf, nothing special or individual about it, not even nice stock parts, but it’s my first “real” track bike that you’ll see at Kissena next year!

  • Vintage Cinelli strap on the left, Toshi single on the right.

  • mikezeegerman

    Mine would have to be my 80’s Merckx Pista, which like in your case is irreplaceable to me.

  • atanz

    ditto, today Merckx pista:

  • Chuck P

    My favorite ride is my Peugeot road bike. It was my father’s bike. Circa 1960s. I think it’s a PR10.

  • MERCKXKXKXKXK overload!

  • dan

    Your Merckx was more drool worthy than the drilled out groupo on the Affinity roadie at the shop.

    The color scheme is what a Merckx is all about.