Win a Pair of DZR Strauss SPD Sneakers! Nov 11, 2010


I’ve got a dozen or pairs of the DZR Strauss SPD sneakers to give away. What better way to do it than to run a contest? That’s right, you can win a pair of these $110 sneakers by simply taking a photo. A photo of what you ask?

Read on below!


The contest is quite simple. There’s one place where we go when we need something cycling-related. Whether it’s a mechanical problem or new tubes, everyone heads to their local bike shop. Without our LBS, cycling would be nearly impossible. What better way to show your appreciation for your local shop than by photographing something beautiful inside it?

It can be as simple as the tool pegboard, a bike, a well-used tool or even a stickered-up fridge. All you’ve gotta do is shoot it with whatever format you prefer. 4×5, digital, 35mm, polaroid. Whatever.

Then post it in the comments. PLEASE resize it to 500px though! if you can’t resize it or maybe you don’t want to post it in the comments, just email it to me.

I’ve got sizes 9 – 11.5 to give away. The winning entries will get a free pair of DZR Strauss sneakers and a pair to give to the owner of their LBS. There’s also a few pair of the Viking Ovis models to give away!

This contest will end next Friday (11.19.2010) Ready? GO!

  • tjs

    Hating on the dudes with big feet? Unless they run big….

  • the 11 1/2 fits like a 12

  • Frederick M.

    An amazing single-speed 29er I built in my local shop. Berkeley, CA.

  • Michael

    Only local bike shops, or would the local non-profit bike project where I volunteer be considered as well?

  • Michael, YES! that’s perfectly fine. I’m excited to see it!

  • Justin

    when does it end? I won’t be able to run by the shop today but will tomorrow a.m.

  • sjt

    Hating on dudes with little feet? Unless they run small….

  • Sp77

    When does the contest end?

  • alex


  • Here’s a pic of a poster that was still up in my LBS when I went to shoot today. They sponsored a ride for breast cancer a while back and I think it is awesome. I was out of town that weekend, so I could not ride it, but friends did and they thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought it was the most beautiful out of all the shots I took because cancer fucking sucks. Shot at Badcat Bikes in Menomonie, Wisconsin.

  • Emailed in full

  • Nick

    Every LBS needs a good shop dog. here’s my favorite!

  • Rad contest. Thank you DZR & Prolly.

  • email sent!

  • Majaco

    How about my local frame builder, me?

  • hunter

    i got one you can apriciate an eddy mercx with the gold campy parts. hanging up in my lbs

  • Malcolm

    Hunter, is your LBS in Boulder?

  • you guys have to resize your photos or I’ll remove the HTML for you!

  • Curtis L.

    here is Ellie, the shop dog at fast folks,
    and here is a another one of fast folks exterior

  • Nice! keep them coming guys!

  • hunter

    nah its two wheeler dealer in wilmington north cak

  • melissa gee

  • I’ve been working for blogdowntown “environmentally” delivering the blogdowntown Weeklys on a nihola cargo bike provided by Flying Pigeon LA located in Cypress Park/Highland Park Los Angeles. My homie owns the shop and started the Bike Oven, a bicycle co-op right next to his store.

    Click the photos for more photos.

  • Marcos

    had this nice little Bianchi out

    and this neat little pedal plane :D

    more will be added tomorrow

  • Campus Wheelworks Shop dog.
    Handsome Dan!

  • My felt in the back of the shop.
    Also a ski shop!

  • My friend Savanna, both a mechanic at my LBS (OASIS) and a fellow female reader, building her own deep v wood grains and showing her custom ride off in front of the shop.

    Frame and Shop

    All built up! kinda girl but still pretty ballin

    Nothing like a beautiful thing building another beautiful thing

  • Jack Stewart-Castner

    Cinelli/Mash and friends at Bicycle Revolutions in Philly.


  • Jack Stewart-Castner

    Cinelli/Mash and friends at Bicycle Revolutions in Philly.

  • nick

    didn’t work before i think…here is my submission from my LBS Wheel & Sprocket

  • Brent Wesley

    email sent.

  • Louis

    I have a size 13 shoe soo I can’t win. But would have like too.

  • innokenty

    seems like people are posting sets. Is that okay to do?

  • I met this guy while wrenching at the Bicycle Kitchen in Los Angeles. He is touring from the East Coast to Argentina, raising money for mobility equipment for people with MS.

  • Don’t give up on old stuff.

  • Don’t Steal Bikes photoshoot for, every LBS needs a Graffiti mural

  • It was really hard for me to narrow it down to just one, but here’s the back room at Firehouse Bicycles in Philly. This is their inventory of used bikes just waiting to be fixed up (fluffed) and sold in the showroom. This room, and the upstairs at Via Bicycles(also in Philly) are two of the most surreal shops I’ve experienced.

  • Mark

    How about a beautiful old Super Record hub laced to a Mavic GP4, taken from a Gios Torino Super Record being restored.

  • NICE!

  • erna

    bike workshop, were i started framebuilding in germany- little messed up- but very fantastic….

  • One on One Bike Shop in Minneapolis, MN (click for full res, hopefully). 35mm unedited.

    And two from my old basement, even though they won’t qualify, just for fun. 35mm unedited.


    these are pictures of my local volunteer bicycle coop The Bikerowave, at which i am a volunteer
    we are on of the four bicycle coops in the los angeles area

    this is the default place we send customers to find a missing nut, bolt or washer

    this is the mural that is on the wall in our lounge area

    this is a chandelier made by a local artist out of parts she collected from the shop itself and now hangs above the entrance

  • Caz Lambert

    My lovely local, Saint Cloud (Melbourne, Australia) with Mamafaka sharpie drawing on the back wall.

  • rj

    sometimes we all wonder how much lube and citrus-degreaser we’ve consumed.

  • Jason

  • Products on the walls of Superchampion

  • Like many people, my LBS is my bedroom. I have my workstand there, I order my parts there, and I display my bikes there. This Benotto I’m putting together happens to be what’s been occupying the workstand recently. (sorry for the shitty Hipstamatic print… my camera was at work).

  • I shot this little gem at my LBS of City Park Cycle in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. City Park Cycle is the coolest reason to ride in one of the coldest places in Canada! Peace

  • Brad Catlow

    Does the contest end at midnight tonight or some time tomorrow? My medium format is taking longer than expected!

  • dmg

    Kraynick’s Cycle Shop, Pittsburgh

    Kraynick’s rules for a number of reasons, most related to Jerry, the 60-something owner and sole employee. The shop has a back workshop full of tools (supplemented by Jerry’s advice) where you can do anything to a bike shy of brazing, with no purchase required. The shop has been the classroom for multiple generations of amateur mechanics, including me. Plus he runs a program that rehabs and donates bikes to needy kids at Christmas, and he was the first shop in town to stock track parts, and the shop is full of NOS gems…

  • Anthony Wong

    The marinoni that i’m currently building. It’s a work in progress and I can’t wait to get to ride it. It almost makes me cry just looking at it.

  • atanz

    Alex tuning up my Spectrum on build day at Bs

    not an LBS, but Alex’s personal “shop” studio.

  • Where do I go for wheel builds and anything I’m likely to screw up because I don’t have the right tools? The Vallie Components garage. Lyle’s shop is about as local as it gets, being six blocks from my house. Having just finished the first of the Flite Club cargo racks, mine is next up for the trusty TIG machine. Pretty damn stoked.

    This photo is from the the torque test we did back in September to determine the torque specs for the upcoming production run of fixed hubs. This is one of the original 15T cogs that Lyle had Super Rat machine for the prototypes.

  • Robert

    Here is my entry! From the shop I am employed at- [email protected] in Vienna, Va.

  • Roman

    email sent!

  • Craig Smith

    Al’s Freewheelin’ Cycles
    open since 1973

  • melissa gee

    workin at Fast Folks last weekend just snapped a shot of the display case. lil bike face, cog eyes and a Kurban Trash wallet mouth :p :p

  • Incredible Morgan!

  • innokenty

    Sunrise Cyclery in Minneapolis, MN

    Not as glamorous as some other shops, but very dear to me.

    A fun italian groupo. Campag record and some other stuff.

    here is the whole thing

    great photography everyone!

  • what is the word on this yo?