Volume Bikes: The Ambiguous 26″ Vandal Nov 17, 2010


Ambiguity is Volume‘s friend in this case. The Vandal is their new 26″ frameset. While they’re not tagging it a fixed freestyle frame and they’re not saying it’s a dirt jumper, they are implying that it can be used for either. Which is why I think the 26″ fixed movement is in a slightly ambiguous position at the moment. Why not just run it freewheel and fixed? I’d be down to see an edit with this bike hitting some dirt and doing some fakie lines. Until people start really pushing the 26″ fixed thing to new levels, I will continue to say that 700c is more my preference.

  • I agree—I’ll keep my 700c’s for fixed riding. That said, I’d love to rip around on this Vandal with a freewheel.

  • Fish and chips


  • Dan McDiarmid

    i don’t even get the whole 700c v 26 debate, its all personal pref. everyone is entitled to opinion and preference, but i know i’m too small a dude for whippin around 700c x 45c wheels on my bike- especially spinning and jumping, that said, im very excited to get a vandal when it is released since my thrasher on 26’s leaves me wanting more…

  • Matt Nichols

    hopefully someone comes out with a fixed/free hub for this bad boy so that I can ride fixed (having brakes essentiallY) be able to do fixed gear line and shit then toss it to free wheel if I am somewhere that call is beyond my fixed gear skill set. I currently own a dirt jump and a fixed gear freestyle bike and this one could essentially work as both

  • question

    “i’m too small a dude for whippin around 700c x 45c wheels on my bike”
    really ? how small are you ?
    a midget ?
    have you seen the clips of the osaka competition?
    the japs are all around 170cm and killing it…
    really ? too small ?
    do some push ups

  • Well said Prolly!

  • Coop

    I could def go for this as a freewheel BMX/DJ bastard child but the lack of rear brake mounting (from what I can tell) is a turn off. I can’t stand foot braking.

  • Eric

    coming from a dirt jumping you would have to be fucking retarded to run that as a standard dj. the geo is insanely stupid for a dirt jumper, volume should know that

  • Alex

    Needs a coaster brake.

  • rob

    looks like it would be a shit DJ frame anyway, the standover is too high.

  • chris

    Pretty sure 26 inch fixed has already stepped up the fixed gear game , Riding 700c is pointless unless you can get a 2.0 tire . I’m 5’11’ 185 lbs and i would just destroy 700’s.

  • Bryan67

    I think it shares the same geometry as the Sledghammer which is pretty much a 26″ BMX bike. The Sledghammer has a disc brake though. It looks like a fun ride but no way would I ride it fixed since I`m 6’2″ and standing up constantly pedaling fixed would not be fun.

  • I’m 175lbs and I run 700c x 2.0’s on my bike well a 2.3 in the ft and a 2.0 in the rear and I haven’t destroyed my rims. I’m also 6’1. No excuses chris… 26’s are just wayyy to small for me.

  • Thrasher

    I originally went with 26″ because at the time it seemed like a good idea to have a smaller, better fitting bike. I got over it and I traded the wheelset for some 700c Eeros. I’m glad I’m back on 700c. Everything feels much more solid and yeah.

  • Man

    Maybe after this,we can see Fixed flatland