Velorama: Cinelli Laser Nov 19, 2010


One of the most beautiful bicycles ever mass produced, the Cinelli Laser is getting some love over at Velorama. I love how Lorenzo even used the 80’s style backdrop for the photos! Check the rest out here.

  • Mike

    How are these constructed? Does anyone know? My friend and I had a disagreement. The Cinelli website says they are the first frame to use tig welding techniques. But I don’t see any welds of any kind. Is there body filler used to get that tube shape? Or is that the actual shape of the tubes?

  • I believe they use a combination of shaped tubes and a sort of filler material, they aren’t the lightest frames because of this

  • Ronny

    The so-called aero spoilers on Cinelli laser are made of steel. Body filler has only been used to obtain a smooth surface.
    You can see photos how the Cinelli laser are constructed here:

  • Filippo

    It’s an SLX tubes frames, I yhink mid ’80 (maybe 86-87..
    I have one made with Columbus AIR tubes (Laser first series from 1980 to 1984):[email protected]/4754620551/

  • Dape

    Je veux, mais en taille 55 x 55.

  • Velorama

    Hi filippo, this frame is ungraved under the BB: 3. I don’t see in the seat tube if there is some lines like Columbus tubing. I check this tomorrow. Thanks for informations, and thank you Prolly.

  • Filippo

    Hi Velorama, do you remember me at l’Eroica?, My aerodynamic appendix was cutted by the italian national team because after the 1984 it was considered not regular for the official competition, my frame is 82-83…your frame is the second version (Columbus SLX or MAX tubes) post 1984, so it hasn’t the aerodinamic appendix under the BB…