Urban Velo: Destroy Bicycles 26″ Fixed Nov 8, 2010


Urban Velo has a nice first look at Destroy Bicycles‘ new 26″ fixed up on their blog. While I’m still on 700c, I can see how the market has shifted. Check out more information at Urban Velo.

  • tyler johnson

    Almost has standing still chain slap. Awesome.

  • Fabian

    I foresee a whole lot of “new” BMXers around due to the evolution of the FGFS bike. this thing is hideous

  • jambox

    proper chain tension, another small detail new school young bucks overlook

  • This thing is sick! I saw it at the expo! It had a 14mm rear profile hub. Pegs for days! And the builder told me it had zero bb drag similar to bmx so no more teater totter while doing double pegs. Idea’s there just needs a little refineing… Still better than most frames on the market still making the same crap over and over again

  • aj austin

    shit is gay. no the bike but more so 26′ and the direction this is all going. anyone can do a smith or feeble grind i’m sorry. lets get creative again, fgfs wont last long at this rate, or my involvement in it anyways.

  • Ricky Butler

    Is that chain super slack or is it some kind of optical trick? It’s not a trick Michael, it’s an illuuuusion.

  • hey prolly thanks for the post and to your
    700c comment we are curently working with daniel torres, (who took first in the amiture trick comp yesterday)on making a 700c trick bike the prototype 700c will be done before christmas ill keep you posted and up to date, other things to come bars hubs etc. also if anyone is in the bay area and would like to come to the open house send me an email in i will send you out some invatations. i love your blog and im stoked on the post. hope ill see you soon prolly!

  • so those with question about the slack i badly need chain tentioners i had the chain a bit slack at first and after a fully day of crazy kids putting it to the test it slackend up and dident have time to adjust it, and as i said before to the poster up to i got you were definetly doing 700c bikes prototypes will be out before the new year, and i feel that if some one hates 26″ wheels rock the 700c hard be a savage and you can still take over fixed freestyle its anyones game right now! always go balls out. stay true dont let the haters get you down.
    feel free to email me to discuss further.

  • i cant make up my mind on this bike! it looks sick but at the same time just awkward for some reason! personally id rather have a 26″ just cuz im short and they are easier to maneuver than a 700c. ppl should just stop hating on what size the bike is and dig the fact that fixed freestyle is coming up and its coming quick! get on your game and get good! cuz i see it gettin big enough to wear there are comps for 700c and comps for 26″! think about it! and stop hatin!

  • Well, AJ said it pretty dam well. The overall geometry and construction of this bike look hideous. I must say, the look of the bike plays a huge role into the audience that is willing to pay for it. Take a look at some of the other fixed freestyle frames out there right now, they take the old track look and reappropriate it to take a beating. I love riding my 700c thrasher, and on top of that the curves on that bike make me more aroused than this thing. This bike just looks wonky, and awkward. 26″ vs. 700c is going to be the debate for a while, and honestly I like hucking my 700c tires around. In my experiences, observations and more importantly opinion, I don’t think wheel size should be separating us as riders. 26″ seems to be a great approach to guys and gals that stand a little shorter, whereas the 700c wheels are easier to maneuver for the taller crowd (i’m 5’11”). Companies need to stop focusing on making complete bikes and need to focus on making parts that we still need, like wheels. Big wheels. 700c wheels that aren’t some bastardized cross wheel, but something that is strong, and can still fit fat tires.

  • aj austin

    i agree with sean it is an open game, maybe i’ve gotten to accustom over the last 4 years of understanding 700 cmx or fgfs as 700c only. i’m not trying to attack you at all you’re just doing what any good business man would do and address the market at hand. That being said my personal opinion on pegs and 26′ is well know just like john’s. I guess if Milwaukee ever comes out with a 26’in bike i’d give it a go but the choppiness of these bikes is already bad and 26in just makes everything look worse. just my two cents, not bashing your product, just arguing for the sake or arguing at this point cause 15 yr old so-cal kids are hear to stay with tiny wheels and pegs… i’m looking you mike dinh! haha

  • If you guys have anything you’d like to build let me know this is the way I wanted my bike to be with every intention but if your not down shoot me an email I’ll have you come to the shop and we can sit down and design anything your little heart desires all our frames are frames are semi custom, but we want to build what you as the rider feels you need. Wana talk or just see how the shop works hit me up I’m usualy open at the shop even if were just hanging out and Im always down to ride, thanks for the arguments it’s good to put your mind into things I hope I’ll see some of you soon

  • T

    that bike is clearly a shitty rip off of the grime yomang frame.

  • F

    You know what you can do mad dope tricks on? A BMX bike.

  • lol