Un Giro di Sporco Sud Nov 14, 2010

“On April 24th 2010 the bike race »Un Giro di Sporco Sud« took place on countryside roads between Höör and Malmö in southern Sweden. 90 brave riders took part and started in the early morning. Almost as many as rode the whole 110 kilometres.”

Awesome footage but man, I’d be sketched out riding that fast not in a pace line! Check out more information here.

  • Kid Wonder

    Music is “Colours” by Young Liars out of Vancouver.

  • looks like a blast but where is the pack riding skills? 110 km, fixed, people might want to take turns takin pulls.

  • zapr

    damn that looked like it was fun! beautifully shot too

  • derf

    solid find, its nice to see a comminity ride like that and folks enjoying themselves on what they built and brought… keep em coming.

  • Jr

    Most stages were about 10 km, there were some pack riding, but the short stages encouraged sprinting . When riding fixed( no gears / freewheel allowed ) it is all about outbrakes and being tactical, it is almost impossible to catch up if you loose your focus. The race were fast, my top speed were 58,9km/h and I was only among the top 20, just once making top 10 in a finishing sprint. The race were devided in 9 or 10 stages and the ” slow riding” seen in the film is when going / riding in groups from one stage to another. I hope we will reach 100 competitors next year , everyone is welcome to participate but only fixed gear riding allowed