Travel Channel: New Show on Bike Messengers in NYC Nov 18, 2010


I met with the producers from the Travel Channel‘s new series on bike messengers in NYC. The unnamed project is using Austin Horse and Doug D to shoot bike-to-bike in order to keep up with a cast of characters chosen from the local messenger scene.


The show focuses on a variety of messengers, each with 0-25 years of experience by using 20-40 cameras a day. They will be shooting in the streets of NYC until December 24t, 2010. From what I can gather, this is the most legitimate coverage a major network has given the NYC messenger scene! More to come.

  • Right fucking on. Bring that shit to Pittsburgh.

  • I cannt wait for this show to air. Looks extremely interesting, and finally a show that gives some appreciation towards nyc messengers! Props.

  • EndyBee

    GO GREG!

  • Rodrigo

    I give it one season, maybe. Some things just don’t translate to TV.

  • Sounds amazing. Bike messengers are that special blend of crazy and determination. I’m sure it will make for great television.

  • Danny

    Doug D from Dayton? Last I remember seeing him was eating it into a parked van after a race last year. Good dude though!

  • funny, i dont remember that

  • Ben

    If Austin and Doug D are involved it’s gotta be legit. Can’t wait to see the show. Where are they filming it?

  • i better see some polo cameos in this show Doug. When does Chombo get to meet Anthony Bourdain?

  • Danny

    Doug, it was after you won the alleycat and did that bar crawl race… you were pretty drunk by that point so I rode over with you to the tall bike jousting at Front Street. Happened on the way over

  • Kerry


  • capt. jake

    wait Doug was DRUNK!?

  • nyc courier

    they are filming people from my company(couriers,dispatchers and managers)

    we are one of the big companies

    apparently they are also filming two small time companies