Tom Briggs and Tom Lamarche Nov 16, 2010

Photo by Finn

You’re gonna have to trust me here. This shit is gonna be so good. Just you wait. No more details right yet but stay tuned.

  • bakerbones

    dressed to shred

  • Eilif knutson

    That scissor needs to be painted in plaid.

  • trails!

  • finn

    my photo! did you steal this off facebook prolly?

  • Brad

    I’m pretty sure if you were born with the name ‘Tom’ you were automatically predisposed to be good at this sport. Haha. I look forward to seeing what’s getting thrown down!

  • Tyler Johnson

    Anything Tom L does is the best. DUHH

  • Mr.Bee


  • I didn’t steal it. I still credited you Finn! hahah

    Tyler, shut up! I give you credit where it’s due.

    (maybe I saw this video and maybe it’s fucking awesome)

  • whiner johnson

    wow tyler way to act like a baby

  • haha Tyler was being serious. the internet is funny

  • Tyler Johnson

    You guys definitely mis-interpreted what I was saying.
    Everything Tom L does is the best. Literally the best. I have no problem saying he is by far the best fixed gear rider, dude kills it. I love watching him ride. I am literally saying everything he does is the best.

    Sorry it came off as me being a “baby”

    I was trying to give him props not hate.

  • the internet is not a fan of seriousness Tyler! (I was just messing with you anyway!)


  • tom B tom L tom M

    tricks(the tech)(the huge)(the tricky)

  • fish and chips

    I knew you were serious Tyler. I mean how could he be kidding?