Thoughts on Empire? Nov 13, 2010


In case you missed this, last night Empire screened in SF, the city that started the fixed gear and track bike movie movement and with Luke and Crihs heading out for the SF BFF, the guys were super anxious to see the crowd’s response. So I wanna take a moment and pool from some of you who saw it.

What’d you think? Who’s part was your favorite? Did it make you want to ride?

  • casey

    toms part was crazy. I’ve never seen someone control a bike like that.

  • Sebastian

    I actually think NYC started not only the track bike movement, it also started the track bike movie movement. “Pedal”and “Red, light, go!” were years before the SF films… Just my 2 cents:)

  • I ever said they started the track bike movement. I said track bike movie movement. Yes, Pedal and Red Light Go were out years before but they were documentaries, not movies in the sense of skate videos, etc…

  • JP

    I was there for nyc. it was beautifully shot but the dude with the chub ad for a part was a little long. i liked the guy on the cargo bike and yaticas part. it was good seeing you ride and wonka and tom killed it.

  • k

    SF popped this shit off.

    empire was pretty good.. it had good vibes and riding, saw it yesterday at mission workshop after the alleycat.

  • Helder

    More of the same.

  • Dave

    How long until a general release (DVD)? WIth the rate of change of the sport at the moment, I think these things need to get distributed faster. Am very keen to watch it though.

  • Brett

    Saw it at mission workshop on friday and it got me stoked to ride for sure, i like seeing the differences in riding between the NY and SF. Tom and Wonka killed it, toms segments always blow me away. It was awesome seeing you ride prolly as someone else said above me. Overall i give the whole film two thumbs up.

  • I saw it at the Los Angeles BFF and enjoyed it, especially Chris, Tom L. and Wonka’s segments. My one question to L.S. afterward was why not more scenes involving the elements, which is definitely part of the East Coast bike experience. I don’t think there was one shot with rain/wind/snow/ice. Maybe on the DVD?

  • Chairman

    I liked Willis part and kai’s.I also liked the way tom wonka & you brought the freestyle shit to the streets.Yeah it made me wanna ride I even built up a faster bike because of the movie.

  • ez

    I haven’t seen Empire, but to the earlier point: Pedal wasn’t properly released on DVD for a while and Pedal has hardly any fixed riding in it. Over half those chaps are on mountain bikes or some such contraptions. It hardly glorifies fixed gear riding, at any rate. The photo book makes you think otherwise, but that’s also sort of proof of the much later popularity of the whole thing. The movie was shown in 2001, and the book/DVD didn’t come out until 5 years later. When did Mash come out? 2008? The trailer a year before? Ah, who cares. I’d love to see Empire.