Superb Bicycle: Cinelli Super CorsaTrack Nov 12, 2010


I mentioned earlier today that I would post photos of the Cinelli Super Corsa that’s on display in Superb in Boston. Although this bike is a respray, it’s still built to perfection with all period-correct parts.

Check out more photos below.


The original decals wouldn’t have had a clearcoat over them but nonetheless, they’re still beautiful!


So crisp!


The chroming on the lugs is beautiful.


The old fastback seatpost clamp on the Super Corsas is one of my favorite details from the era.


Such a clean intersection.


Cinelli track bikes never really had elegant track ends, especially compared to other Italian manufacturers, but these are still in crisp condition with very little axle nut bite.


And a straight as an arrow chainline.


No Super Corsa is complete without an old Unicanitor. My saddle of choice!


And of course, the stayer stem. These are worth a pretty penny!


That is one clean bike. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Go see it for yourself inside Superb! Check out more photos on my Flickr.

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  • Greg

    As Bike Lust goes it doesn’t much more pure. Can anybody even find new Unicanitor saddles any more

  • Julian Z

    Haha “Suck a clean intersection.”

    Oh and did you finish mailing out those stickers? I still haven’t gotten mine :'(

  • Kris

    Respray or not, that is, hands down, one of the most beautiful track bikes I’ve ever seen.

  • sorry to use the comments for this, Prolly but…

    We’ve got new Cinelli Unicantors in stock in all four colors and are happy to ship. 407.286.0417. Support you local bike shop! We small shop owner/operators need a Steve Berra!