Sungwoo Kim: Tom Lamarche Curved Wall Ride Nov 18, 2010

Photo by Sungwoo Kim

If you haven’t heard yet, Tom LaMarche in in Toronto. Life in Delco just got boring for him, so he headed north to Canada where he’s been riding with Briggs filming for a project. While out one day with Briggs and Tom, Swoo snapped this photo of Tom doing a curved wall ride. Solid photo Swoo! Check out some more photos of a recent night session at Constant Revolution.

  • You don’t have to publish this, but I was out with Finn and Lamarche last night, Briggs has been super busy with school! Just a small correction that isn’t that big of a deal anyway haha.


  • dan808

    laaaaaaaaaame… all tom does is wall rides… i never see him bunny hop to heaven or do 3’s or insane gap to buss rear tire front hand spring… learn some new tricks GUY…

  • bailey

    look at toms finger dust tag on the sculpture haha nice.