Sungwoo Kim: Tom Lamarche Blasting the Hip Nov 19, 2010

Photo by Sungwoo Kim

Yeah, so I posted two photos of Tom in less than 24 hours. Whatever. This photo rules! Swoo has been rolling with Tom up in Toronto and snapping some rad photos. Check the rest out here.

  • John Schuda

    From all of the edits I’ve seen of Tom and his section in Empire that I saw at BFF LA. All he does is jump stuff and sometimes 180 things. That get old real fast. Does he have any other trick locked down. His bunny hop barspins look like of a beginners. Anyone can jump stuff that doesn’t care about there lives. But learning tricks take more of a skill to do.

  • Yeah, I guess doing 3’s off big stairs and barspinning uncut bars are beginner’s tricks.

  • Jason

    John shut up man. Did you watch BootlegSession4 or Tory’s last Wrahw video?

  • finn

    haterz gunna h8

  • TOM

    Johns actually right, I said the exact thing the other day. I really don’t do many tricks, haha. I have no problem admitting that. I’m more into having good bike handling than trying to throw a barspin into every trick or grind on everything. That’s just my riding style. You might be able to do a dozen tricks, but it doesn’t mean shit if you can’t ride your bike.

  • John Schuda

    I have seen videos of Wonka doing 3s off stairs and Boothbe 3 a 6 stiar in Revoked, he even g turned the 6 stair right after the 3. Every photo of Tom online is a air and you hype it up like Jesus is returning.

  • Fonseca

    Everyone has there own style in every sport. You take what you like out of it. There’s riders out there that only can grind and rider that only like riding flat land. Who cares let just ride.

  • Hey Fonseca, remember, I admin this blog and your IP signature stays with you in Movable Type. If you wanna say something, you can use your real name. No one’s gonna hate on you. Posting as John Schuda right before you post as Fonseca and plugging your fucking DVD projects in your hate comments is HILARIOUS!

  • TOM

    Fonseca, it’s ok to tell me your opinion to my face. I have met you in person before. You don’t need to hide behind this phony internet alias. I don’t understand why you choose to start shit over the internet when you see people in real life.

  • Fonseca

    What are you talking about?

  • Your IP Address is a unique number that every computer connected to the internet is assigned. You posted 3 comments all under the same IP address using different names. “John Schuda” and “Fonseca” – within moments of each other. Look at the last two comments. Like 3 minutes apart. Both from the exact same computer.

    Don’t play dumb dude. Next time, at least use a different computer or your cell phone…. which I see you just did for that last comment.

  • Fonseca

    First of all the first 2 comments aren’t mine. I dont care what Tom or anyone else does.


  • shitcametalking

    lol @ fonseca. int3rw3b n00b

  • gob

    Don’t really need your racist bullshit here either, east coast.

  • RYanK

    AAAAAHAHAHAHH NOW GO GET YOUR FUCKING SHINE BOX!!! Gawd i love the internet! Tom you rip and continue to inspire hacks like me…please! keep doing what you re doing! I always get amped watching your Edits.

  • vin-E

    ahhh hahahahahahah what a shmuck!!! hahahahah
    in case you do’nt know what a shmuck is it’s that shit thats cut off the tip of your dick during a circumcision hahahahahaha

    Sick Picture! Tom kills.

  • fonseca fails again.

  • Hahahahahahaha

  • Apek


  • Ian

    Douche chilllllll!

  • kaos

    shit. I really don’t know who fonseca is, but seriously, that guy has failed on his hijacking. Lol

  • vin-E


  • Jordan White

    HAHAHAHA No Cassettes 2 is gonna flop harder than revoked did. Will all the non-rippers please keep real rippers names off ya tongue?

  • jonny

    fonseca is a buster! Tom Lemarche keep killing it man! You inspire all the true heads in this.

  • I like titties. Tom bring back vw jetta teenwolf.

  • Jesse Jambox

    new school, young buck, bmx mentality has been polluting the minds of cyclists for years now, fgfs fools are making those ideals their canon for excellence . Slow, techy, low to the ground shit, with little risk factor, or reward, is wack, unimpressive and boring. Ride up fast and boost a hip ten feet in the air, make it look stylish, and ride away clean, that would earn my respect. Don’t bust out ten sketchy tricks going super slow on a bullshit ratio in a skate park that you drove 2. Just being able to do a trick doesn’t mean you’ve arrived, keep practicing till it actually looks good. Maybe then old heads will stop making fun of Freestyle Fixed Gear Nerds.

  • LOL

    Fauxseca has been rippin riders off for years. Burn that fat fuck.

  • Lamour

    The same can be said about skating. Lots of similarities. As you get older you cut through the bullshit and see the purity. Keep ripping it up Tom

  • I’m always the first to admit that I don’t find FGFS riding very interesting to watch but I always watch Tom Lamarche’s videos and enjoy them… Dude goes fast and rips hard! Even if I didn’t like them, I can’t imagine taking the time to slam them while simultaneously trying to play the middle ground. Hilarious.

    Amazing IP bust… I caught a kid doing that years and years ago on a local hardcore messageboard… The email apologies didn’t stop for 2 weeks… hahaha.

  • Steve B

    Re: Tom / Empire: The hop onto and off the car hood in Empire hit hard. Could have been the ender.

  • rico

    LOL fonseca, u still dont wanna admit it dontcha, i bet ur populariti adds up to 100 points now, ur so famous!!

  • Dang Fonseca, expected more from you. Be a man. Being 7’3″ and 400lbs don’t make you a man, by default. Can’t believe you gotta hide behind an Internet alias and talk smack, it’s petty kid-games and disappointing. But keep on doing those wheelies and breaking forks. That photo of Tom boosting that hip is sick. Actually all the media of Tom is fly style. City slickers! And the Vimeo clip of Tom blowing up a rim on the gap to lip near the bike racks and doing an inverted superman is super limber. I’ll ride with all of you when you visit the SF ‘Yay!

  • HATE

    i am a suckr and bought every one of fonsecas movies. they all are fucking terrible. if I wanted an art school wannab to shoot my videos id go to berkely.

    this guy is a joke. i feel bad for any losers who film with him. doomed from the onset

  • CIANNZZ Forsenca! is this really happening? Does he know that people can track IP address nowadays? douche baggy

  • M

    Agreed, watching fgfs edits can be kinda stale.

    But, a cool picture says a 1000 words and the shot above says “kick ass”. photos like this are worth wading through other more ho hum posts/edits that make it on johns blog, respect.

    Fonseca could take a lesson from Danny … The dude shames.


    Revokes was a good flick, alot of good riders. I almost hate taking a stance on this. There is no doubt its weak as fuck to be saying that shit to the best in the game.

    Not only is LaMarche probably the best rider out there right now, he always has been. Some of these west coasters are real good, but they have just transitioned from BMX to get hookups it seems.

    East coast once again reigns supreme?

  • I told you Chris. Still talkin’ shit. I guess it’s good marketing. :)

  • chuck