Slumworm: 700c vs. 26″ Fixed Debate Nov 27, 2010


As if there already wasn’t enough discussion as to 700c vs. 26″ fixed, the guys at Slumworm have started talking about it. But guys, it’s not that “better” is a quantifier, it’s all preference. Some prefer 26″ and some people prefer 700c.

  • …and some prefer to just ride a fucking bmx bike. get over it already. y’all aren’t doing anything new.

  • aj austin

    ^ amen. I like how they think tom, torey, matt spencer, and chacon are the only niggas riding 700c. raise your seats, take off the pegs or go get a bmx.

  • Tyler Johnson

    No ones claimed to be doing anything new… =P
    New bike to have fun on maybe.

  • Tristan

    haha the irony of using a ‘get a bmx’ comment, then saying WE aren’t doing anything new. fucking idiot.

  • noah

    either way the guy in the picture is running 4 pegs which isnt cool on any bike unless your steven jensen riding chainless bmx…

  • Clyde

    but it is new.. because it’s not a bmx bike

  • butt hurt ^

  • allender

    sweet adam, get over yourself. 90% of everything said on the come up is hate anyway towards bmx, mountain bikes, fixed gears and everything else that doesnt fit inside your perfect nich of ‘worthwhile’ bmx.

  • big tony

    agreed.. it’s pretty pathetic what’s considered ‘good’ on these bikes. all the ‘top’ guys are dudes with mediocre bmx backgrounds at best just adapting to big wheels. big wheels and a fixed hub = hipster heads explode over sliders and 180s

  • bakerbones

    why is there so much infighting in a movement that basically only about riding bikes? its fucking sad to think that 2007-2008 was the peak of our cohesiveness as fixed riders.

  • patrick

    ^except “on these bikes” means big wheels and fixed hubs. it’s not bmx. don’t hate

  • Tsar

    I agree with your statement on the fact that moving to a different wheel size is a matter of preference, not a matter of better or worse, however, if the the bikes are just dirt jumper frames with fixed components, then I would have to say go back to 700c. That would seem to get rid of the purpose of FSFG for me.

  • danny

    We’re all still adults doing tricks on bicycles. Stop taking this shit so seriously.

    I like turtles.

  • Albert

    Also, why the fuck are any of you still riding 700c wheels with the availbility of 26″ and 29″ wheels designed for offroad and freestyle use over narrow 700c rims?

  • Thrasher

    The WT dudes are ages better than any of the dudes talking shit on this post.
    Adam22 is a fat cunt who can’t do any tricks on a BMX, and he decided to start a forum to talk shit on stuff he sucks at(everything, life)
    I ride BMX, and FGFS, I recently switched back to 700c because I wanna prove to myself that I can throw down on a larger-sized wheel.
    Just ride bikes you fucking idiots.

  • I could never say which set up is “better”, because in the end thats just my opinion. And in no way am I saying that the people I listed are the only people who ride 29ers.

    AJ always with something to say. lolz.

    People tell me to get a BMX bike, but one I don’t get BMX bikes for free, and two I could never ride a BMX bike as hard as I do my Fixed Gear.

  • big tricks with the tiny wheels is out. tiny tricks with the big wheels is in.

  • Renke

    These Guys ride 700c, too
    …seems to be dominant culture ;)
    Anyway – ride what you like

  • Boummba

    «…and some prefer to just ride a fucking bmx bike. get over it already. y’all aren’t doing anything new.»

    Do you have PMS or what? Let people enjoy what they do.

  • This shit again?? who really fuckin cares? Getting tired of seeing this debate on here.

  • Wepass

    There sure is a lot of shit talking over something that’s pointless and fun.

    Have fun, live a good life, do what you want, get a penny farthing!

  • Albert

    What are you fixed gear freestyle cats trying to prove? Because it seems that a lot of you have some sort of agenda behind your riding.

  • Dern

    I ride dual 26″ simply because im short. riding 2 26″ allows me to have a lot of clearance on a smaller frame. i dont see whats wrong with that.

  • jordan burt

    i love how people waste their time on this shit. if your bmx bikes are so much better why don’t you go ride those instead of looking at fixed gear websites all day ya dicksss

  • Onn

    Because then we won’t be hip and different, on the verge of making names for ourselves in something that’s an amalgamation of existing pursuits. Keep reinventing the bike because it’s hard to do things and see where you end up. We’re going one step at a time, slowly rationalizing and coming to terms with the next thing that taints the aesthetic.

  • EzPz

    I don’t know about you guys, but I ride bikes to have fun(and because I am poor).

    Different bikes are fun in different ways.

    If you ride bikes for aesthetic purposes, we will never agree.

  • Rhys

    Stop trying to create some sort of competition between these two wheel sizes because on the streets, I don’t see it causing any conflicts.
    Like I’ve said on a heap of posts, this is the same crap that ‘street’ mountain bikes went through 5 years ago. Arguing over wheel sizes, slowly(or quickly?!) bike geometries changing and many many revisions of frames for a ‘new’ sport.
    If you look at that ‘sport’ now, you’ll see that no one really rides ‘street’ mtbs as people have either worked out that bmx is better for this discipline or they’ve gone back into the mountains to ride real mtbs.
    You just have to look at the mountain bike companies who now make fixed freestyle bikes, its like ground hog day, but 5 or 6 years later!
    Continue doing what you want to do, but remember you’re not doing anything new. Not that I care, I’m 26 and still riding ‘kids’ bikes.

  • Dude, I didn’t create any drama or beef. All I said was “But guys, it’s not that “better” is a quantifier, it’s all preference. Some prefer 26″ and some people prefer 700c.”

    Slummy was the one saying that there should be a comp between 26″ and 700c “in order to decide which is the better setup”


  • I think the comp idea is kind of cool. I mean enough of you are down to whine about which is better, or you who are whining about other people whining. barckwards circles or die.

  • joe mckeag

    John said it perfect, ride what you want and fuck the bull shit behind it!