Shop Visit: Superb Bicycle Nov 12, 2010


One of the last spots that I visited in Boston was Superb Bicycle. With a lack of fixed and track bike specific shops in the Boston and Somerville area, the crew definitely have the city on lock. From vintage to new school, their shop is loaded with road, fixed and track bike accessories, components and frames.

Check out more photos below.


Superb has done a great job curating their displays.


Vintage and modern road bikes line the window displays.


Modern track bikes rest in nooks.


While frames and accessories line the walls.


Their stock is full.


With everything you’d need to get your bike rolling.


Even your city and commuter ride.


The whole team at Superb practice what they preach.


Seriously, their stock is impressive.


As is the space.


Wanna see more of that Cinelli track bike? Check back later on.


A lot of natural light fills the shop.


And the interior design is all tied together.


Even the mechanic’s room is stocked with beautiful bicycles.


The cash wrap has some goodies inside it as well.


Some of which are way out of most of our price ranges!


If you’re in the Boston area, do yourself a favor and swing through Superb! Thanks for showing me around Jason. As always, there are more photos up on my Flickr, so checkem out.

Superb Bicycle
842 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02215-3143

  • Interior by Oziio design. In case anyone was wondering. Superb doesn’t mention it anywhere on their website, which is a shame since it turned out so nice.

  • Great photos, and a stellar looking shop!
    They even have geekhouse IN SHOP? That’s gotta be a first?

  • Ken

    The geekhouse pictured isn’t for sale but they do have a few geekhouse track frames for sale

  • Dope coverage as always. We always do a couple Philly trips/rides via bolt bus every year. I think you’ve made me want to check out Boston next time!

  • west

    Yeah, the black and purple Geekhouse is someone’s who works there.

    Once, I rented a zipcar to move into my summer apartment after my semester ended and he cut in front of me on this bike out of nowhere…came this to hitting him. I have a new appreciation for drivers’ dilemmas as we ride around the city with them.

  • CakeDog

    I can’t even get my shop’s owner to stock a single brooks. This gave me a little tint of green.

  • mike

    how exactly did they curate their display?