Shop Visit: Royal H. Cycles and Icarus Nov 11, 2010


Royal H. Cycles and Icarus both share a space in Somerville, Mass. Two frame builders, each with unique approaches and personalities united by their love of the custom bicycle.

Check out more photos from my shop visit below.


Royal H. Cycles makes some beautiful bicycles. We saw a teaser of one of his recent track bike builds.


Bryan’s the man!


He and Ian from Icarus share all the same tools in this tiny studio.


There’s not a lot of space but they make due.


Royal H’s work speaks for itself.


There’s a beauty to its practicality.


And even his first build still holds true to that. Well, minus the death wheel!


Clean and elegant lug lining and pristine paint jobs give Bryan’s work a timeless aesthetic, much like his studio-mate Ian of Icarus.


Oh Ian.


When Ian gets idle hands, he makes something.


Even a sketch with a simple, yet original idea will turn into a beautiful frame. This sketch was the influence for his stunning Philly Bike Expo track frame.


Ian’s lugwork holds its own with confidence.


That one day it will end up a stunning build.


Ian’s first build had to undergo a slight modification prior to Kissena’s opening weekend last spring.


All that PR&D was put to use in Ian’s stunning Leviathan frame from last year’s NAHBS.


Icaurs also builds integrated bars. Remember these?


From the batshit crazy design of the Leviathan to the elegance of this simple road bike, Icarus’ work is some of the most original in the area.


The space that Royal H. and Icarus share is inspiring.


Two young men, building bicycles with their bare hands in Somerville, Mass; Royal H. and Icarus. This isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of either of them. Later on today, I’ll upload some detail photos of two Royal H. builds that will have your jaw dropping!

I can’t wait to see you guys again. Keep at it! Once again, there are a ton of photos over at my Flickr. Head over and check them out!

  • Caroline

    we of the bishop bikes crew really enjoyed meeting ian and bryan at the philly bike expo. awesome people and awesome, beautifully crafted, innovative bikes. i look forward to when we can make it up to boston for a visit. bryan, i am still jealous of your ye olde Costco tapestry; i need one!

  • ian

    I’d like to get down to your shop too Mr. Bishop. Maybe we will time trial down there on our freak bikes.