Shop Visit: Geekhouse Bikes Nov 10, 2010


The first stop I made during my Boston trip was Geekhouse bikes. Known mostly for their curvy-tubed, triple triangle Rockcity track bikes, Geekhouse has come a long way since Marty first learned to build bikes. Now the brand offers a wide-variety of bicycles. From 26″ dirt jumpers, to touring bikes, to cross, to road and track bikes.

Step inside the shop as I show what goes on behind the scenes at Geekhouse!


Every shop I went to this past weekend had their Bridgeport machines.


Many people think Geekhouse is just Marty. But that’s not the case.


While Marty runs the show, there are a few people who help him out.


Brad’s apprenticing under Marty and takes care of all the powder coating for Sugarcoat, their in-house powder company.


Greg is the PR beast. Here he is showing us the wicked Geekhouse cross kits.


Marty still takes care of most of the fabrication.


His careful craftsmanship ensures each Geekhouse, no matter how complex, gets special love.


By using simple tools, each tube is cut. I just love bench vices (you’ll see more later).


All the tools of a welder.


Ensure the bikes are clean and pristine.


And the process merits amazing results.


When a frame is ready for powder, Brad takes over.


Here’s a customer’s frame that they brought in. Sugarcoat will powder any bicycle or component, not just Geekhouse bikes.


So nice!


Sometimes all people want is a raw with a candy clearcoat.


But little details always make a frame “pop”.


No job is too small, or in this case, too big for Marty and the crew. Look at that head tube! Holy hell is it ever big.


Here’s Marty standing with this work in progress. If you’re in the need for a custom bicycle with a bit of flavor, or you wanna revitalize that frame you’ve got, head on over to Geekhouse and Sugarcoat. They’ll do you right. Thanks guys!

Check out some more photos on my Flickr!

  • I took wide-shots of the shop but they were lost on my card. So bummed. This post would have had so many more photos.

    Oh well, next time!