Sadio Bike Co: New Fixed Freestyle Hubs Nov 14, 2010


So this has been floating around the rumor mill here in NYC for a good while now and finally, there’s something official. Krillz posted this up tonight with not much else being said. I posted about Sadio back when Fairy Fixed in Thailand was pushing them and from the looks of it, they’re pushing a new hub. I guess we’ll have to wait to hear more!

  • Compact gearing? I thought these only went as low as 12T cogs, which are the same as any other hubs?

  • I thought they have been talking about 9t this whole time?

  • I think they were experimenting with their own thing but didn’t work out. These are just regular thread-on cog/lockring hubs I think? According to this picture, they go from 12-16T?

  • debby downer

    Over hyped. Nothing too progressive going on here. These things weigh a ton and are just like any other female axle fixed hub with threads.

  • nininini

    exactly the same as any other female fixed hub?,…. are you fucking stupid? Unlike the shit profile or all city hubs these wont snap because they are 14 mm. and not everyone wants to run micro 9t gearing.

  • Hey, SADIO Bike CO. is not part of FAIRYFIXED. These hubs go as low as 12 tooth. The Compact 9 tooth drive and a ton of other parts will be available shortly. There is nothing really over hyped about these, just a really strong, inexpensive hub that GRIME had helped develop.

  • have you ever ridden bmx?

    Sorry Bro, those are 3/8ths bolts you ninini. Just cause they have a 17mm head doesn’t make them 14mm. It’s just like a odyssey vandero front hub.

  • they can also use shadow conspiracy raptor bolts or G sport bolts.

    the 9t 14mm will come out soon.

    i had previously tested a 14mm bmx hub converted to fixed but it exploded.