Royal H. Cycles: Custom Time-Trial Bike Nov 11, 2010


As I mentioned in my Shop Visit to Royal H. Cycles earlier, I took some photos of two pristine bicycles while visiting Bryan. Luckily for me, a neighbor in their loft space has a photography studio that we could use. While Justin Keena didn’t leave his lights in the space, the seamless wall made a great backdrop for shooting this Royal H. Cycles time-trial bike.

Check out some more photos below.


This bike has curves to spare.


While maintaining a completely aero profile.


And hidden Dura Ace AX brakes.


Like something out of Slawta’s paint shop, the coat on this bike is as crazy as its geometry!


The Look Ergo Stem, pursuit bars, Modolo levers and 650c wheel are all from an era that predates the UCI’s ban on time-trial bikes with a 650c front.


The disk wheel was hand-painted and designed to distort and display the full color spectrum while spinning.




So dialed! A little back-story on the inspiration for the build. When Ian and Bryan worked at Seven Cycles together, they told each other they would both build ridiculous time-trial bikes. Shortly after, Ian had his Leviathan and that prompted Bryan to make this beast. I think they’re both pretty original!

Thanks for opening your studio to me Bryan! Check back later for photos of a candy-coated track bike! As always, there are a ton of photos on my Flickr of this bike. Checkem out!

Shop Visit: Royal H. Cycles and Icarus

  • usheen

    id love to see a video of that back wheel.

  • I took one with my new phone but when I came home to my computer, I plugged it in and a back-up overwrote all my data. It was pretty rad though! Maybe someone in Boston can hop over and shoot a quick video? I’ll hit you off with some sneakers and stickers.

  • Talking about Road TT Bikes I almost bought a pair of these but reluctantly decided against it as I figured even for a TT Bike they wouldn’t be grunty enough to stop my size and bulk!

  • ^^ & ^^^ Bryan’s got some videos up on his blog

  • Zach

    thats real rad

  • andrew

    its really great that you still post about different types of bikes, music, and art and not exclusively fixed. that mix is something i really dig about the cycling scene these days.

  • Luke

    Wierd, I was just thinking the same thing as andrew before I read the comments. I also think it’s awesome that you have continually diversified your content. Thank You.

  • Seriously, thanks for commenting guys. I try to keep it open to all forms of cycling. Bikes are rad!

  • alex 12

    hey does anybody know if the shimano AX rear derailleur cable can also be mounted underneath the chainstay tube..?

  • Sick build. I’d just change that stem, as I cant stand those up and down thing.

  • Jens/Denmark

    Is the seat tube columbus air tubing?
    I’ve been looking all over for such a seat post to match my otherwise useless tt frame

  • Vitus superarcor aero main triangle.

  • James

    Wow! so much fabulous detail. I’d love to see that rear wheel in motion.