Richard Sachs: STL Lugs Nov 20, 2010


Richard Sachs might be known for his hand-built bicycle frames but here’s proof that he’s tech savvy as well. These stereolithography lugs popped up on his Flickr last night along with their packaging and header cards from the prototypers. How rad is that? Old school meets new school. You remember what Sach’s lugs look like right? Puts new meaning to e-RICHIE.

  • If there made from a stereolithography process, wouldn’t that make the lugs a resin compound of some sort? Not the for brazing when building a frame… Right? Unless you mitre the metal tubes and glue them them? Gorilla glue anyone!

  • yes, not for building a bike. I suspect it was an exercise in digitally-reproducing his lugs.

  • i’m curious what the next step in the process is. i’ve been wondering about the process of fabricating a set of cast lugs for a while. usually SLA models are used to test the fit or form of something that was generated in CAD, so i’m guessing that this is one of the intermediate steps in a production run of a new set of lugs. any idea?

  • What do these do exactly?